Manikinn giveaway!

By now you've probably heard of Manikinn. In case you haven't, it's an Australian online boutique with some pretty fantastic pieces.

They are giving one reader the chance to win the piece pictured above, the skort, and giving all entrants a $10 gift voucher! All you have to do is pick your favourite item from the Manikinn store, and leave a comment describing how you would style it. The competition closes on Sunday, the 4th of July, and I will be announcing the winner on the 5th.

Your entry can be as detailed as you like, but please remember to include your email address in the comment, so Manikinn can send out your $10 voucher!

My entry would go something like this...

I would pair the RIP tee with a cute, high waisted, navy blue skirt. I would wear that with a pair of grey, over-the-knee, woolly socks (you know the type? And if so WHERE CAN I FIND SOME), some Chanelesque clogs, and a fitted black cardigan. I would then pair it (ideally) with a YSL envelope clutch and some kind of Carrie-inspired turban headband. Eccentric old lady style, oh yes.

OK, now your turn! Get cracking! And thank you so much to Manikinn for the contest opportunity!



  1. Their pieces are amazing!

    I would pair the 'Sci Fi' dress with a pair of fantastic ankle boots, thick black stockings, a large feathered or flowered headband and a STACK of perspex bangles.


  2. Blah, I forgot to put my email address! It's

  3. Oh that skort is so cute! :)

    I would pair the Floral Knit Dress with beige knee high socks (with a slight sparkle through them), gold ballet flats, a petal headband and a oversized gold statement ring. :)

  4. So many amazing clothes, but I finaly decided on:
    The 'picture frame dress'- with a hint of a lacy petty coat peeking from beneath the hem. Add a waist length vintage woollen cape, some lace up, peep toe ankle boots and some chunky socks pushed down so they bunch at the ankle. Finish with some chunky glasses frames and a cameo brooch!

  5. ooh, nice giveaway! I would take the asymmetrical jumper, pair it with some black woolen tights and hiking-type boots, a leather jacket and to top it off my favourite black hat. With maybe a flower on it somewhere. :)

  6. The Wakefield Dress 80s
    i would make it my resturants new uniform and id make the cutest little hats to go with it and wear cute little flats

  7. The long vest looks fantastic. Don't know if I'd be brave enough to wear it as it is in the photo, but with jeans or tousers it would look sooo slimming.

  8. I have a new love affair with the Big Button Down Knit! It's utterly fabulous! I would wear it with a beige singlet, black leggings and riding type boots. Finished off with a slouchy beige beanie and unique, chunky, vintage brooch that I have.

    Good luck lovelies :)

  9. Sensual, Seductive, glamorous too
    Unique, showstopping with platform shoes,
    Let rip, accessorize, really go wild,
    The "Catty dress" - Diva style!
    thanks :)

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