Guys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses.

But they should, and I bought some new ones anyway!

They are from Oliver Peoples and I love them.The question most people ask is "Are they real glasses?" and yes, they are prescription lenses!

I love that they don't have any branding on them. I also love how two different optometrists (from the same place) told me that "These are what the movie stars wear, and because they don't have any branding or a logo on them, they wear them because they WANT to". Movie star endorsements aside, they are a really good shape for my face - a little rounder than most wayfarer styles, which don't really suit me. The style is Sheldrake in Storm.

I got mine from Angelo St Optical in South Perth, but you can get purchase them online at their website as well.

Nerds ahoy!



  1. If I was a boy, I would look twice!

    Very cute xx

  2. Great glasses! Thanks for the address too, gonna pop there and have a look on the weekend.

  3. I can't believe how many people ask me that too! Erm...seriously. I need them to see. Trust me, if I didn't have to wear them, I'd prefer not to. Gah! Hahahaha. They look sweet.

  4. Looove Sheldrakes. And this boy does make passes on girls who wear glasses.

  5. ah loove these glasses you look awesome with them on!

  6. Miss Claire - Aw, thank you! x
    juznie - Yes, do! I didn't think anywhere in Perth would stock them, I was quite happily surprised to walk past & see them displayed in the window!
    harbourmaster - I know! People demand to try them on to see if I'm lying! I am not that much of a hipster that I wear plastic lenses!
    Syed - Heehee, yay! At least some boys do!
    Is This Real Life? - Thank you so much!


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