Fashion IS a sickness.

My wardrobe, while pretty predictable (vintage or retro - check. Girlie - check. Not pants - check) is also known to suffer sudden and mercifully brief spurts of me being inspired by something which really doesn't suit my personal style. Here, I would like to share with you the little illnesses that my wardrobe occasionally suffers from.

1. Rachel Zoeitis
When I watch more than two episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project at a time, I start thinking "Hey, maybe I could pull off the excess jewellery, fur vests and skinny jeans look. What do I mean, maybe? I could TOTALLY do it! Also, why am I not a stylist yet?". This happened a few nights ago when I was going to dinner at my grandparent's house. I decided to wear what I had worn to work that day (a black pinafore under a black wrap, with leggings and black boots) coupled with a (fake) fur gilet, my huge lion ring, a stack of bracelets on each arm, and heavy, heavy eyeshadow. Forgetting the fact that fur gilets are probably too OTT to wear to a family dinner, forgetting that I hate wearing bracelets, and forgetting that a streamlined, skinny jeans look really makes me look like a big sausage. Rachel Zoeitis - I am giving a face to this disease that may one day afflict you too.


2. The Carrie Syndrome
This is when I start thinking that I can wear heels anywhere I go. Walking to the shops? No problem, I can wear my incredibly high Siren wedges! Going to the movies? That's what those fiercely strappy Steve Madden heels are for! Going to a friend's house to watch DVDs? It must be time for the Miss Shop high ankle boots! Note: I have dislocated both my knees at different times - thankfully NOT due to wearing heels - so I really shouldn't wear high shoes at all. Once I wore a pair of wedges to a physio appointment and almost gave him a heart attack. Added to this is the fact that I am not the most coordinated at the best of times, and this is especially true when I have had more than two drinks. Heels and I do not get along, but I continue to wear them in the hope that one day I can run through the streets of New York in a pair of strappy Manolo Blahniks and totally look like I am natural and at ease. Note: Other symptoms can include starting every thought process with "I couldn't help but wonder...", thinking it is totally natural to use your oven for clothes storage, and being UNNATURALLY BRATTY AND CATTY AND OH MY.

3. Blogger Fatigue
I read A LOT of fashion blogs a day, which I try to pass of as "research" but really is just me admiring people's style. However, sometimes I get hooked on one particular blog and end up looking like a poor man's version of [insert myriad blogger's names here]. For example, I've never been THAT into 90's style because for me, it was all about fluro bike shorts and baggy t-shirts, but reading White Lightning's blog (which the picture to the left was taken from) has inspired me not only to put some 90s elements into my wardrobe (I am actually considering buying a pair of clog high heels. HELP) but also to drool over obscenely high heels. A Cat of Impossible Colour has made me thrift (or op-shop) like a madwoman in order to unearth some of the vintage gems that she discovers on what seems like a weekly basis. And Dresses & Snacks makes me not only want to dress in cute-as vintage style, but also to become an excellent cook. Preferably with an adorable puppy. I try to have my own definable style but I can't help but take little bits and pieces from all over the blogosphere and mishmash them together with my own style.


  1. i'm in the midst of ENORMOUS whitelightningitis at the moment. if it weren't so normal for bloggers to inspire people on the other side of the world, i'd feel a little strange about it.

    i still kind of do...

    also, after completing the entire SATC series last year i strolled down to the shops to buy groceries (and hire the movie), and went total carrie. and by "total carrie" i mean i wore ridiculous, un-watching things and walked super confidently, despite the fact that it was raining heavily and my umbrella was turning inside out.

  2. Haha I know this feeling! Plus I find myself increasingly being able to justify slightly impractical or outrageous outfits by 'this'll look great on my blog!'

  3. I love this post. I have definitely been infected with all of these at least once.

  4. Wonderful post, I feel exactly the same! I so often want to wear clothes for tall and skinny figures, of which I am not, and although I know it doesn't suit me..oh I keep trying. The heels is something I do too, although I'm getting better at wearing them.

    Oh and thank-you for the sweet as could be mention xx

  5. Ah, Tara, it seems you have a fashion variation of the phenomenon I call the 'flying fat cow'. This is the condition caused by watching too much figure skating. After a sufficient number of 'triple sour cows' (I am sure that isn't really their name, but that's what it sounds like), I am moved to leap from the couch and essay a few elegant moves across the room, fondly imagining that I, too, can twirl and fly like athletes who have been training all their lives - until I catch sight of myself in the window or the oven and realise that I am more of your flying... Well, you get the idea.

    I have also suffered from the stacks of bracelets illusion - the one where I think that I can get through more than about fifteen minutes before they drive me crazy and end up as stacks of performance art bracelets on the nearest flat surface.

    And I would love to say that I haven't had either recently, being too old and wise, but can't really. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!;>

  6. aaahaha!! i laughed out loud at this post, i do exactly the same thing. Loving your blog, yay for Perth girls!

    April Rose

  7. brodie - BEEN THERE on both counts. Especially the WhiteLightningitis, I think it is part of the reason I got a fringe.
    Lisa Grace - Haha, me too! And if I wear something nice & don't blog about it, I consider it a total waste.
    Megan - Ha! I am glad I'm not alone!
    Chloe Michele - Aw, thank you!
    Amy Alexandra - No problem! :D
    Gin Fancier - Ah, so many afflictions from so many people! I could write a whole other post about it!
    April Rose - Hehe! I am glad!

  8. Aw, thank you! That's very sweet of you.

    Andrea xx

  9. Nice to know that I’m not the only one who has these thoughts! :P

    Lovely blog!


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