Who Inspires Your Style?

I was reading through the wonderful Wish Wish Wish blog the other day and was inspired by Carrie's post on three beautiful women. Since I didn't want to just do another Style Icon post, I decided to post the women who have influenced my style the most. Street style, I can take it or leave it, celebrities my age bore me to tears for the most part, and I don't have the attention span to emulate one particular era. So here is my little mixed bag of inspiration!

1. Bettie Page

I watched The Notorious Bettie Page on Saturday night, which may have influenced my decision somewhat. I adore Bettie Page because, even though what she was doing was incredibly risque for her time, she still kept this aura of innocence and fun - which I imagine is hard to do when you're wearing ten inch fetish heels. It's not so much her style that I covet - although I have had to be talked out of Bettie Page bangs on more than one occasion - but her attitude and covetable pin-up status.

2. Dita von Teese

I guess this is a bit of a continuation on the Betty Page theme, although I have seen many, many more pictures of Dita von Teese in clothes compared to Betty Page! I really do love the style of Miss von Teese, and her dedication for always sticking to this particular aesthetic. I had her autobiography and it is the most beautifully photographed thing - she has a fantastic attention to detail. While I will probably never be able to master the red lips and pale skin combination (or the incredibly tiny, corseted waist), I can still pay a little homage with incredibly high heels and beautiful forties and fifties style dresses.

3. Sienna Miller in Alfie

Fairly forgettable movie - in fact, I can't even remember the name of her character - but her style definitely left a lasting impression. The mod, sixties thing she had going on was probably a nod to the original Alfie, but she made it look so covetable and easy. To this day I curse the fact that I cannot do a proper bedhead hairstyle (except when I, you know, actually get out of bed, and even then I look more like Russell Brand than a 60's sexpot). If you haven't seen the movie then check it out ONLY FOR THIS and then fast forward all the other bits because it's kind of meh.

4. Twiggy

If I'm inspired by anything, it's the sixties. To me, Twiggy is the epitome of sixties style. However unattainable her particular style might be to someone like me with curves and an unwillingness to chop of all my hair, she symbolises all the elements of style that I love. I have already done a Style Icon post on her as well but whatever! She desereves more than one post, right?

So. Thank you for indulging me while I explain my personal style heroes! While I do the Style Icon posts pretty regularly, a lot of them are people I admire rather than people whose closets I would happily live in. These four influence my day-to-day style more than anything else.

What influences yours?



  1. I love Sienna Miller in Alfie! I feel just the same as you - fairly forgettable movie, but she is a ray of sunshine. If fact, her style in the real world is pretty amazing too!

  2. Great to see you posting again!

    I love Dita, unbelievably put together and lady like. I can see that every look down to each hair pin and hem has been meticulously planned.

    She certainly deserves snaps for that!


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