The Days of the Old (Ridiculously Dressed) School Yard

I missed out on one of my friend's 21sts last weekend - due to a looming and rather unfriendly-looking essay deadline - and I was kicking myself, as it was a Prince/Princess themed affair and I had planned to go as Princess Peach (AWESOME, RIGHT?!). So in an effort to console myself I dug out some old photos of my favourite costumes; I must have spent half of my high school years traipsing around in some ridiculous costume or another...

This was for a school production of Footloose. I was playing one of the town mothers AND my only line got cut! Never will I get to say "Good morning, Reverand Shaw" onstage. I was so put out about getting a part as one of the townspeople (as opposed to the teenagers) that I picked the ugliest costume imaginable... which I sorely regretted as I went onstage in front of all my classmates and high school boyfriend because UGLY CLOTHES OMFG SO EMBARRASSING. By the way, this was also the peak of my very short-lived calling as a drama student. Also the last time I experimented with a full fringe - yes, that is how my hair turned out after I asked for a full fringe a la HILARY DUFF, who I was obsessed with at the time. Oh God.

That is me in the middle. This was for a school social, I can't remember the theme but I believe it was a "Come as your favourite era" or something of that ilk. I REALLY wish I still had that dress (my mum made it for me! I think the material was actually meant to be used for furnishings as opposed to clothes) and those boots, which were long lost at one of my friend's 18th birthday parties. Also, I am STILL that short compared to the rest of my friends.

This was for an op-shop themed social. School socials were probably the highlight of my school year, even though they were always (for me) filled with too much hope and too much rejection and reprimands from teachers for kissing boys and awkward dancing. ANYWAY. This dress was $10 from an op-shop in Perth and was one of four bridesmaids dresses. I'm kind of disappointed it doesn't still fit. P.S Note the stylishly undone hair, I don't think I used a hairbrush from the years 2004-2007 IT WAS THE STYLE OK.

This was at one of my friend's 18ths and sadly I cannot blame the tragic pose on too much alcohol, as this was taken pretty much as soon as I got there. This doesn't technically count as a costume since it is a proper dress, but having astonishingly little clothes to wear to a "rock star" themed party meant that I had to go out and buy this. Um. I have no other explanation except that it was Bunbury so it wasn't reeeally out of style and OK NOTHING TO SEE HERE ANYMORE MOVE RIGHT ALONG PLEASE.

This is from a dance concert at school (another short-lived performing arts career). I would apologise for there not being any clearer photos but I am sure that the other people in the photo are thinking "Thank FUCK for that", so I will leave it. Just to be clear, this costume consists of a Bonds singlet we all customised ourselves, a tulle rainbow skirt and a pair of pantaloons. And, in my case, a ridiculously large hairpiece. I originally had a piece of ribbon around  my waist but my dance teacher told me that it made my boobs look too big. And then asked if I was wearing a heavy duty bra. And then asked me to jump to prove it. She was a lovely lady.

I am kind of bummed out that Halloween isn't a bigger deal in Australia so I could have an excuse to dress up at least once a year. Be thankful I spared you from all the pictures from the numerous "Pimps and Prostitutes" parties I went to in high school (LIFT YOUR GAME, BUNBURY).

Thank you for indulging in my nostalgia trip!


p.s It is really good to be back to blogging! Hiatus = over.


  1. haha all of these are uber cute!

  2. Hahahahaha I love you. You and you forever-too-big-boobs :P

  3. haha I love old school photos...I might go dig some out and have a giggle! My dance teacher was similarly evil!

    Sarah x

  4. I love all these costumes! They make me think that I need more occasions for costume parties in my life.

  5. I am dying over the Footloose stage production - I am uber jealous!!! I would have loved to play Rusty!

  6. This is such an awesome post!! I love every single one of these photos, especially the 'rockstar' one haha
    Feel free to keep 'em coming!

  7. Monster Girl - Thanks dearie!
    Em - Ha! Damn those insistently large boobs!
    Sarah - Maybe it is a universal school dance teacher thing?
    Miss Peregrin - Who DOESN'T? I NEED to dress up for something soon, and by something I mean watching TV and drinking Milo.
    Meghan - Haha it wasn't as cool as it sounds! Rusty was a pretty good role though, I was very jealous being in second chorus!
    Mystery Flight Vintage - Me too! :D
    Lisa Grace - Oh I WILL! :)


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