What I Wore 26.04.10

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, it was my little sister's birthday on Monday, and so Monday night I took her out to dinner at the Como Hotel. I was actually pleasantly surprised, it was quite a bit better than the standard pub fare. I had shitake mushroom and three cheese ravioli, YUM.

The Clothes Horse dress from Modcloth
Valleygirl belt, from another dress
Diva lion ring
Black tights
Lipstik flats (I live in these, but need some of better quality, these are thrashed!)

I love this ring!

And while on the lion theme, this was too cool not to share (I put it on my tumblr early tonight). This is the filming of the Metro-Golden-Mayer lion!

Now I am relaxing with season 1 of America's Next Top Model and Facebook chat to keep me company. Have a good day!



  1. Oh wow, that photo of the lion is amazing! That must have been terrifying.

    Love your dress! :)

  2. The flow of that dress is gorgeous, love how it drapes and then is pulled in with the belt.

    Your hair looks so cute too!

  3. Love the way you styled that dress and the ring is too cool!

  4. oh that looks fab!
    the dress looks great with the belt :) x

  5. that dress us pure LOVE! and the ring is adorable too.. Diva have the best accessories, especially of the neck variety! x

  6. that dress looks fantastic on you

    go for melissa flats! if you know your size you can get some decently priced ones on ebay, but if not they are worth shelling out for (& really not that expensive) but honestly, they are so comfy, & i am super fussy about flats! also, very durable :)

  7. gorgeous dress ! i love your blog !

  8. Nice dress, great blog! good to find another Perth gal. Are you SOR
    (assumption because you said Como Hotel) :)



  9. I adore your dress AND your blog. New follower here:)

  10. Lisa Grace - Thank you!
    X - Thank you! I've worn it before without the belt but my boyfriend calls it "the muumuu".
    Rebecca - Thanks so much! It's such an adorable dress!
    Alex. - Thank you! The belt's not my favourite but I quite liked the look.
    Jordie - Yes they are good for a cheap fix! I love their stuff!
    minteva - I have bought Melissa flats but I think I left one somewhere, I can only find one argh! But they look very cute!
    Miss Woody - Thank you so much! Hello new reader! :)
    Candice - I am indeed! And yes nice to find new Perth blogs! :D
    Meghan - HELLO! And thankyou :) x


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