What I Wore 21.04.10

Hello! This is my new dress from pineapple mint on Etsy. I love it! It's a little big so I can't wear it without a belt, but the print is amazing. It reminds me of little owls and is so insanely comfortable, as comfortable as wearing a snuggie maybe. I never wear red and in the past few months I have acquired about three red dresses. Why? I'm sure there is some symbolism but, eh.

I did need some comfort because I had a pretty bad morning at uni. So I went to Garden City and found possibly the most cheer-inducing shoes in existence. They will get their own post later on!

Vintage dress via pineapple mint on Etsy
Belt from Jeanswest
Owl ring from Osier
Isabella Brown shoes
...and new clothes rack for all my Louise & James stock, bought for $8 at the Melville markets!

Close up of Osier ring

Owly print! (Kind of...)

Tonight I'm going to see Date Night. I love Tina Fey and Steve Carrell so I really, really want it to be good but my expectations aren't very high. Has anyone seen it?

Bye for now!



  1. You look beautiful!
    Steve Carrell is so hilarious :)

  2. ohh cute!
    love the dress, it's amazing. x

  3. Love the outfit! I saw Date Night the other day.. I didn't have very high expectations either and wasn't totally blown away but it was still a sweet movie with lots of lols and not too much violence. If Steve and Tina weren't in it I wouldn't have liked as much though thats for sure :)

  4. such a cute dress!
    so glad I found this blog



  5. Annie Spandex - I know! I doubt I would have even watched the US version of 'The Office' if he hadn't been in it!
    Alex. - Thank you! I was so happy when it went on sale, I was obsessed with it!
    The Pieces - Definitely, I looove Tina Fey & I think the best bits were when they were kind of deviating from the script? In fact the funniest bits were the outtakes at the end!
    Rebecca - Thank you so much!
    Lisa Grace - Thank you dear!


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