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Sportsgirl is pretty much the only chain store that I visit and buy from regularly. I think their designer collaborations are pretty special - I have three pieces from the Romance Was Born collaboration (luckily they were all on sale!) - and I especially love this latest collection by Kym Ellery.

It's rock & roll with kind of a demure, playful edge. In particular I love the tiger print and the printed black skirt, but all of these four pieces would go down alright with me...

A very Noel Fielding kind of piece, don't you think? I like that it's quite mod. You could wear it with skinny black jeans and studded ankle boots or tuck it up under a brighter coloured miniskirt.

Like I mentioned before, this is my absolute favourite piece. I am a little bit shy about short hemlines so I would definitely be pairing this with  a pair of thick opaque tights and possible some knee high heeled boots, or brogues for a more casual looks. And a gigantic bow!

Given the demure and sweet shape of the skirt, the subtle leopard print takes you by surprise once you notice it. I would definitely put this with the top pictured above, like the stylists at Sportsgirl have in the picture above (third from the right). Amazingly effortless and simple, yet so effective.

And finally, a simple, chic jacket for winter. At the moment I'm particularly loving jackets that are nipped in around the waist (but not too cropped! There is an important difference, in my eyes anyway). This would look fantastic over a poofy-skirted 50's dress, in kind of a badass Pink Ladies way.

So what do you think of the collection? It's available at Sportsgirl right now, before it's even in stores! If I wasn't so poor I would be snapping up that dress right about now. Hopefully you guys will have more luck; Kim Ellery is a fantastic designer.


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  1. Thanks for the review :)
    I am in love with the tiger print dress! & I would run out & buy it if it was cheaper too.
    So jealous you have RWB pieces, they're amazing! I have a Nicholas Morley "I don't make mistakes I date them" tee & I had a little purse of his but it got stolen :( So devastated!

  2. I love Sportsgiel as well, I need to go and check out the tiger print dress - I can just see it with black tights for this winter :)

  3. I love that leopard dress!
    How much is it? I can't seem to find it on the Sportsgirl website...

  4. fyi Kym Ellery


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