Sunday Songs

Hello! This is a new little feature on the blog. I say that now, but we will see. I have a habit of starting amazing! new! features! on my blog and then forgetting about them two weeks later. But I thought I would see how this goes. This is a quite mellow playlist for the long weekend (in Australia). Hope you enjoy!

Nick Lowe - Cruel to be Kind

Wilco - cover of Thirteen (originally by Big Star)

The Tallest Man on Earth - I Won't Be Found

Dan Kelly - Nothing Compares To You (cover of Sinead O'Connor, or Prince for you music puritans)

The Flaming Lips - She Don't Use Jelly

Romeo & Juliet - Dire Straits

Dusty Springfield - You Don't Have to Say You Love Me



  1. good choices. that dan kelly cover is one of my faves, & i love she don't use jelly!

  2. LOVE that Dusty song. Love Dusty full stop.

  3. The Killers do a nice little cover of the Dire Straits song. Great choices all around, nice little Sunday ditties.

  4. "no man's woman" is one of my favourite covers albums ever. tied with "listen to bob dylan: a tribute" and the across the universe soundtrack. xo

  5. minteva - Thank you! I know you have awesome music taste so I'm glad you like it!
    Mystery Flight Vintage - Thank you!
    Lisa Grace - Yay! Thanks!
    Amy Alexandra - Me too! I even saw 'Dusty: The Musical' a few years ago, I have a slight Dusty obsession :P
    X - Oooh thanks, I will look that up! Hopefully it has a less hilariously bad video :P
    brodie - I know, how amazing is it? Angus Stone singing 'River' makes me weep.


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