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♥ I went to see my sister play keyboards for the UWA pantomime, called Sex, Drugs and the Holy Grail. It was not as horrible as anticipated! In fact, I actually laughed! Out loud! And did not shoot myself in the face at the idea of audience participation! It's finished now, but I would recommend going to one if you live in Perth. Very, very funny.

♥ I made my first sale for Louise & James! Remember you can get a 15% discount with the code GINTEACUP15, until this Thursday. Also, I found a bunch of new stock to go in the shop. It is rad.

♥ My friend Renee and I got up at three in the morning on Sunday to have a stall (or, more accurately, a car boot) at the Melville Markets. My wardrobe breathed a sigh of relief when I got rid of five boxes of stuff. It was a little bit heartbreaking pricing it at about two dollars, but it needed to go. We didn't do too badly, but... NEVER. AGAIN. Also, I am SORRY but what is it about Melville Markets that brings out the cray-cray?

♥ I handed in my first feature article for the year. It was on Perth fashion and I got to talk to Claire from Harbourmaster, and the founder of the Unwrapped markets in Perth. It was really interesting to hear the perspectives on Perth fashion, especially from Claire as she lives in Melbourne now. Would you guys be interested in seeing the article?

♥ I got sent home sick from work, so slept for about five hours and then bought a stack of magazines to amuse myself. Booo.

♥ This wasn't last week, I think it was the week before, but I saw Kick-Ass at the cinemas and absolutely loved it. It was as if Quentin Tarantino did a superhero movie but with crazy cool nine year olds instead of Uma Thurman. And usually I am NOT a fan of Nic Cage but he was awesome in this.

Next time, on Gin in a Teacup...

♥ Will Tara earn enough money to go to the best Splendour in the Grass festival ever?

♥ Will Tara be able to tear herself away from reading The Dairi Burger and actually get on with important things, like assignments and cleaning and actually leaving the house?

♥ And finally, will she get crushed by the massive pile of assignments that threaten to topple over and spell her inevitable doom? Keep watching, same time, same bat channel.


{EDIT: I went through and actually put the links in to all the amazing sites/people I mentioned.}


  1. I did that Melville Swapmeet one time - it was weird. There was a guy selling dirty used Coopers middy bottles for $2.50 each (why not just buy a six-pack? Then you can have the beer too). Also it was weird that people would want some polyester, misshapen jumper from Jeanswest for $1 but not Australian designer dresses for $2 each. Most of our decent stuff was bought before sunrise and seen later that week in Beaufort St's consignment stores at a 60x mark up.

    I would love to read your article.

    I agree totally about Kick Ass - Nicolas Cage was well-cast, given that he named his real son after Superman.

  2. The Splendour in the Gras Festival line up is INSANE, I doubt I will ever be able to afford tickets on my part time wage but I remain hopeful that by May 14th I will be able to!
    Also would love to read the article, the market looked pretty cool from the post's I've seen.

  3. Next time, on Gin in a Teacup - Quincy gets a haircut. Bores doesn't care for it.


  4. uglygirl - I know, it was insane! I was so freaked out at the start (like at 3.30) when people were coming around and shining torches on our stuff! This woman in a red tracksuit came around about five times, it was a bit of a confidence shaker!
    Madame Dollface - Ugh I know, I would sell myself ON THE STREET to go to Splendour! (But not really, maybe just one of my kidneys or something)


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