Hooray for Consumerism!

Or, the post in which I give my mum a heart attack. I have money in my savings account, mum, I swear! This is some stuff that I have bought from around the internet lately.

Drown "Prism" earrings from Alegorie

The lovely Alicia from Sea of Ghosts posted these on her blog a little while ago (she designed them and makes them) and I was smitten. I was waiting for the pre-order date to come around, and was stressed that they would sell out straight away. Alicia assured me that the earrings were made after all pre-order requests were received, and so I was a happy little clam. I can't WAIT for them to arrive, usually my jewellery is limited to the Diva/Sportsgirl collections so it is nice to get some "grown up" jewellery. Hopefully they will make me look as gorgeous as the model in the campaign!

Rodarte for Target Ochre Tulle Dress

This is actually my first ever eBay purchase! I'm a little nervous about it, reassuring eBay success stories would be very welcome... I guess the secret to getting those limited edition, designer collaboration, Target collections is to search for them months after the hype for the collection has died down... that's my method anyway. I am particularly stoked because I found this picture of Natalie Portman wearing the same dress. Oh yeah.

Vintage 1960s dress from pineapplemint

I found another fantastic vintage shop on Etsy (write-up coming soon!) and I bought this dress after eyeing it off for ages. The owner of the shop is so lovely, she upgraded my shipping for free even though I got the dress on sale! So nice when people do things like that.

I also bought a dirndl from Keiko Lynn, one of her own that she was selling through Postlapsaria, but sadly I wildly understimated the size of my bust.To add insult to injury, it zips up so there is no way it will fit! So, my sister got lucky and got a beautiful dress for free.

And, in my defence of buying all this stuff, it has been cold and rainy in Perth (FINALLY! Hello winter!) so I have had no inclination to go outside! Ah, internet, let's never leave each other.



  1. Looooove the drown earrings, I am madly eyeing off the same pair but unfortunately the no-shifts situation means zero disposable income, sigh!

    Rodarte dress is beautiful too. I've had some excellent experiences on eBay, and only one that was slightly less than perfect.

    Sucks about the dirndle! Next time you're in Melbourne go to Episode on Sydney road, their supplier is in Amsterdam so they always have heaps!

  2. There is really and truly nothing more beautiful than the universe. Those earrings are awesome!

  3. Cute! I love everything you've bought - but especially those earrings. They are gorgeous.

  4. It has only the first week of cold weather and rain here in Melb and I have already spent almost a weeks wages online.. definately worth it though!

  5. Haha, I think these are all well worth a cardiac arrest!

  6. Almost all of my clothes come from Ebay/elsewhere on the internet. Just check the seller's feedback. I'm now coveting the Rodarte dress in nude. Just what my bank account needed.....

  7. I've never had a bad experience on ebay. I bought the Rodarte ribcage dress from there.

    Love those earrings! <3


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