What I Wore 28.03.10

I had a pretty busy weekend - the Pixies one night and the Blues & Roots festival the next day! I was really looking forward to it this year because it had an amazing lineup - Buddy Guy, Crowded House, Lisa Mitchell, Jordie Lane, Angus & Julia Stone, the Swell Season... and then all the bands that I discovered that day, like Old Crow Medicine Show, the Wagons, and Dan Sultan.

I didn't get much in the way of outfit photos, but I did get one in front of the Kombi van-turned-greenery in the Little Creatures tent, and one sitting on the nifty cardboard chairs that were being handed out by Murdoch University.

Hat & sunglasses by Sportsgirl
Top by Temt
Skirt & bag from My Girl Gwendoline
Tights from David Jones
Mimi Loves Jimi brogues (not pictured)

Gin in a Can doesn't really have the same ring to it, does it?

And, since I'm on a bit of a photography kick, here are some of the best ones from the day (well, when I say best, I mean the best that I could do with my little camera!)...

Julia of Angus & Julia Stone

Buddy Guy sees you. And approves. He was my top act for the day, I was amazed! I was trying to decide between Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Buddy Guy and Chris put it quite succinctly: "Come and see Buddy Guy... he might be dead tomorrow".

The Swell Season. Black Francis came on and did a song with them and I MISSED IT!

Neil Finn of Crowded House (although credit has to go to Chris for this photo).

I also ate the most amazing food I have ever tasted (I think it was called a pupusa? It was a tortilla with smooshed red kidney beans and cheese, and coleslaw on the top, it was rad), raw pizza (not a fan), waited insane amounts of time to get any food - I think that they should go back to putting the concert over two days because it was INSANELY packed. I know it's a festival so you have to expect that it will be busy, but it seemed a little bit ridiculous. Did any of you go? Find any new music to listen to?



  1. Ohh cute. I love the skirt :)

  2. Oh, I saw you there! I wasn't sure if it was you or not, but I remember your awesome skirt:) It was sooo busy but the wait for the organic donuts was kinda worth it. &&& Angus and Julia were a bit amazing.. how lovely was their stage set up? All lamps and antiques xo

  3. I love your skirt and tights! And it looks like the festival was really fun too!

  4. Alex. - Thank you! I was so happy I snaffled it, my friend only made two!
    the pieces - I wish I had gone for donuts instead of raw pizza! Blech! And yes I loved the Angus & Julia Stone stage set-up, wish they hadn't started late though...
    Miss Peregrin - It was, thank you! :D

  5. The hat! So perfect, tops the outfit off ideally.

  6. Ahhh how fun! I love your hat and that skirt :)


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