What I Wore 18.03.10

As I promised, I found a new spot for my photos! This is the garden at the bottom of my stairs, and at the moment it has beautiful white roses blooming. I might have to steal some for my kitchen table! In this light you can also see the reddish tint that was put in my hair last time I went. And my new dress! And new shoes!

♥ New dress from Revival, half price!
♥ New shoes by Kensu from Myer (already given me four painful blisters)
♥ Badge by Kearnsie, from the Unwrapped markets

I love this dress. It is a bit big around the waist but I can probably fix that by wearing a belt. I have been listening to a lot of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and She and Him songs lately, which has made me want to dress in a sweetly alt-folksy kind of way. I think with the badge the dress makes me look a little bit like a diner waitress in the 50's, which I am cool with.

Today I had my second photojournalism tutorial actually using an SLR camera. I am slowly getting better... I would put some photos up here but so far my skills are limited to photographing flowers and twigs and leaves. I'm much more excited about the feature articles unit, I am reading lots of music magazines for, ah, research... I'm working on an article about groups who reform and why they come to Perth, and who their audience is. If any of you have gone to see any reformed bands in Perth, what did you think?

This weekend I'm down in Bunbury for my dad's 50th and best friend's 21st, I am very excited for both!



  1. oh this is just loverly!
    i'm in love with the dress and badge- style. x

  2. Such a cute dress! Love the badge :)

  3. Cute dress! Hope the shoes feel better soon :)

  4. Very cute dress!!

    xx Alex


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