What I Wore 02.03.10

In case you were wondering what one wears to a lecture on Social Inequality & Possibilities for Change... this is it.
{I apologise if my smile seemes more like a grimace... I have a really bad migraine today!}
♥ Vintage dress
♥ Gold bangle from... Diva I think?
♥ Shoes by Isabella Brown
These shoes (I will get a better picture next time!) are my new go-to pair. I got them from Shoe Show for $60 and then saw a very similar pair in Witchery for $130! Ha! They are very Chloe-esque, in my opinion. This dress is another staple in my wardrobe (seen here, here and here) because it doesn't need to be ironed and it's a great colour, lovely print and covered up enough for any occasion!
Last night I watched the documentary on Anvil. I wasn't sure whether I would like it or not but it was one of the best movies I've seen in a while & I recommend it (even if you aren't a fan of heavy metal music!). It made a nice change from all the 90210 repeats I've been watching, that's for sure.


{sorry for the short post but as I said before I have quite a horrible migraine!}


  1. I adore this dress, it's such a pretty colour :)

  2. Very pretty! It would look really sweet with mustard yellow tights

    xx Claire


  3. pretty dress! :D the shoes look great too.

  4. Ooh lovely dress, it suits you perfectly. Hope you're feeling better soon :)

  5. You look beautiful in raspberry!


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