Sorry, Carrie Bradshaw, but...

To be honest, I am kind of off high, high heels at the moment. My feet have had enough and are putting up protest, namely by failing to walk properly and tripping me over numerous times. My sanity (and mother, and boyfriend) have said ENOUGH! So here are my favourite (lower, or at least thicker) heeled shoes and flats for the upcoming winter months. I am taking inspiration from two of my favourite bloggers, calivintage and The Clothes Horse, who both feature lower-heeled shoes a lot on their blogs and still manage to look amazing.

1. Jazz Feet brogues from Modcloth, $54.99
2. VW Ankle Boot in Black Button, from Melissa, $155.00
3. High Flyer Heels from Zu, $140.00
5. In The Bow Heel from Modcloth, $99.99
7. Combat Boots from Betts, $119.99 (I bought these! They look much better in real life)
9. VW Ankle Boot in Lilac, from Melissa, $155.00

Where do you draw the line at heels? Are some of THESE even no-go territory? Do you avoid them like the plague (like some of my friends, who know who they are) or embrace them with a love only rivalled by, well, Carrie Bradshaw? If you know of any other shoe websites I'd love to know!



  1. Yeah, I'm not very good at high heels. It's hard to find a comfortable pair, and it's kind of debilitating when your arches are cramping!

  2. Love these. <3 I'm not much of a heels girl though. I am incredibly clumsy, and have a weak ankle from several very bad old sprains/torn ligaments. So usually I just admire high high heels from afar, LOL.

  3. Annie Spandex - Yeah, all the heels I find that I think are comfortable are frumpy-looking, so I usually suffer through the pain!
    Miss Peregrin - I've dislocated both my knees, which really should stop me from wearing heels... and also my clumsiness should play a bit of a factor in deciding which shoes to wear...


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