Owl Be Right

My dad has collected owl figurines for years and I think I have picked up the obsession by osmosis. I've had an owl print dress, owl rings, owl necklaces, owl printed Ked shoes... Anyway, I haven't collected any owly items in a while but I thought I would share my new favourites with you guys.

1. Put a Ring Owl It ring from Modcloth, $27.99
A very cute wooden owl ring that fits in well with the 70's hippy in a field look that I have been so obsessed with recently. I can see this with a cream dress (this one, perhaps?) and a big pair of worn leather boots.
2. Owl Tank It singlet from Modcloth, $27.99
A more arty owl - it has a hint of a phoenix about it, or even a Salvador Dali owl because it seems to be dripping off at the end - but one of my favourite colours for easy tank tops like this. Throw it on and be prepared for people to admire your fancy owl friend/be horrified because it looks a bit like a zombie.
3. Up Owl Night necklace from Modcloth, $29.99
This necklace is actually a locket! Keep a photo of Russell Brand (or, you know, whoever YOUR imaginary husband is) in it for safekeeping. And looking at, and sighing with sadly unequited love.
4. Night Owl Dress by French Connection, £48.00
An ethnic-inspired owl print which is great when you don't want to look cheesy. You can wear this dress at night safe from "HOOT HOOT" and "Are you up late because... you're an owl?" comments and still look cute and chic.
5. Hoot, Hoot, Hooray! earrings from Modcloth, $12.99
If you like your owl love to be a little more inconspicuous, then wear these adorable owl studs. They look kind of angry but I like the idea of people catching a glimpse of stern-looking owls in my ears.
6. Christopher brooch by Osier, $35.00
As I mentioned before, my dad is obsessed with owl. I think I pointed out in an earlier post that it was weird that this brooch is named, not after him, but appropriately for him should he ever decide to wear women's jewellery. Anyway, I can vouch for the loveliness of Osier pieces and this is a particularly special one.
7. Public Library "Free Bird" hoodie, $69.00
A big, drapey hoodie is exactly what I feel like snuggling into whenever winter rolls around. Why not wear your owl love squarely on your chest and kill two birds with... uh... (maybe not such an appropriate expression).
8. Nerdy Owl Ring by DesignSupplies, $13.50
Look at this owl. IT IS WEARING GLASSES. I'm kind of in love with him. I'm not sure why owls are associated with nerdiness, really, they are very cool. I mean, Harry Potter has one. He is hip to that jive.
{edit: Oops! I realised there was one little owl that I forgot to mention! It is a Marc Jacobs owl watch necklace, with a cute little print on the clock side and a goofy looking owl on the other!}

Do you like an owl inspired aeshetic? Or are you pretty over them? For me the love will never wane (unlike these damn hipsters who find an obscure animal to focus on every week). They are almost up there with pugs on the love-for-a-strange-animal scale.


{Also, you may have noticed I have a slightly different blog layout. The header text has changed, and the body of my layout has been widened. I just had to say a huge THANK YOU to Sharnee from Yummy Lolly who helped me out so much! They come very highly recommended and have many retro and pin up inspired layouts at the moment, which I am secretly coveting!}


  1. THIS REMINDS ME I HAD A TEENSY XMAS GIFT FOR YOU! Yus, owl related! I will have to try and find it (eep!) before I see you next, I had forgotten all about it <3

  2. I LOVE that Owl dress in black. Very very nice.

  3. I found your blog through Esme and the Laneway! Beautiful blog! Adore your owl collection! The rings are divine, may have to do some scouting for them! :)


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