I came across Hayden-Harnett's new lookbook and, while I'd never heard of them before, I was really enamoured with a lovely spring/summer collection (lucky for you people going into that season!). At times looking 70's and vintage inspired, at other times looking incredibly modern, I really think that a lot of you would enjoy this collection and so here are my favourite pieces.

I love the back of this dress. It's hard to find a dress with an interesting back cut-out if you always have to wear a bra (as opposed to those little cup things) but I think that this one would be OK. I love the detail in the front, it's subtle enough not to detract from the cutout at the back and prevents it from being a mullet dress (business at the front, party at the back).

To be honest I'm a bit sick of visible zippers on everything, but I can't go past the psychedelic print on this dress. It's called the kaleidoscope print for good reason, and I think a reason that I am so partial to it is that my grandma had a kaleidoscope all my cousins would fight over to have a look at... imagine their face if I turn up to a family reunion in a freakin' kaleidoscope DRESS. O HOW I WOULD LAUGH.

I watched Pocahontas the other day so I am feeling partial to a bit of Native American inspired print - or, at least that's what I get from these two dresses. I am loving the pairing of navy and brown, and the second dress has a kind of warrior princess shape to it.
A bit hard to see in this picture but this bikini is probably the most 70's, Anita Pallenberg style item in the lookbook. I actually didn't buy any new bathers for summer but if I did, it would be something pretty close to this style. High waisted? Cute ruffles? Red? Yes please.
I'm really liking the pared back, simple lines aesthetic that they have going on. Do mosey on down to the Hayden-Harnett website and have a look, I'm sure if you're a regular reader you'll be able to find something to your liking!
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  1. these are amazing creations! i love the first one :)

    ps, blog award waiting for you at my blog xxxx

  2. Wow! I'm in LOVE with these. So glad I found your blog today! Super cool!!


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