Etsy Love: Old Age Clothing

I've featured Etsy jewellery shops plenty of times on here before, but never a clothing store, because there are so many it seemed too daunting! However, the Etsy gods must have decided to give me a break, because I found one that I have since bought two dresses from and I think you'll like it too.

Old Age clothing not only has a great range of clothing but also a great range of sizes. This is great for me, who spent hours looking at really cute dresses in Etsy stores, only to find out that the size "M-L" actually stands for a child's size. I know that lots of bloggers can fit into them and still look adorable, but... um... I don't want to end up on here. I am particularly loving the mod little dresses, here are a few of my favourites...
This adorable dress reminds me of a 50's waitress uniform. Or something a character on Pushing Daisies would wear to The Pie Hole. I would wear it with white tights and grey Mary Janes to a coffee and cake date.

I could be totally off the mark but this dress seems kind of Jetsons to me. It might be the flared mini skirt, it might be the giant collar, or maybe it's the white zip down the front, but even though it's a vintage dress it still seems quite modern and futuristic to me. I would wear it with black, shiny Melissa wedges and a beehive to a sci-fi movie (or the late night double feature picture show).
This actually does remind me of Summer Bay uniforms (from Home and Away, obviously)... when I was younger I was pretty heavily influenced by the sartorial choices of the Home and Away girls so it's quite possible that's why I think this dress is so cute. It is probably lucky for my outfit posts that I would choose to emulate their school uniform rather than their usual wardrobe of Billabong shirts and teeny denim cutoffs.

I LOVE this dress. It's the kind of 70s, rolling-around-in-a-haystack, kind of Alexa Chung-ish style that I think is very lovely. Clearly at the moment I am on a bit of a collar kick, as well. I would wear this in the winter with thick black tights, black brogues, and one of those big knobbly comfy cardigans to... anywhere, really. It's a very versatile dress.

Probably the priciest item in the store, but with good reason. Isn't it so very Mad Men? I would wear it with my hair in a messy chignon and nude heels, to a cocktail party. Owner of this dress -1, Betty Draper - 0. I think it would be great to have a vintage dress this colour, since most of the things nowadays in this hue are really tacky fabrics and look cheap. Not this dress though...
Let me know how your Etsy shopping goes! And if you have any Etsy shops to recommend for a future post, please leave it in the comments so I can check it out!
p.s In case you're interested, these are the dresses that (I hope!) are on the way to my doorstep right now...
{this post is not sponsored by the Old Age Etsy store. The dresses above were paid for, by me, in full}


  1. ooh, that black and white one is perfection. nice score!

  2. ohmigod that green dress is fantastical! i want! i LOVE this store, so affordable and not all teeny sizes too! good work.

    loving the black & white one you got too, very jealous

  3. these are really cute dresses! i can't believe i didn't hear/see about the unwrapped market - i would have LOVED to be there! dang!

  4. Those two that you´ve bought are my favourites. I love the last (red) dress. i can imagine it hanging in my closet. :))))

  5. I'd LOVE to dress like Betty Draper, that's about all we have in common though!


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