What I Wore 13.02.10 & 14.02.10

Hello lovelies! This is an extra special double What I Wore post. The first outfit is what I wore to a friend's 21st, which I had a really fantastic time at. The photos are taken at my parent's house in Bunbury.
♥ Dress by Revival
♥ Shoes by Zu
♥ Covergirl nail polish
♥ I also wore cherry earrings by Table Eight and a purse from Williams the Shoeman but forgot to take a picture, oops!
I tried for ages to do victory rolls with my hair to match the 1940s style of the dress, but could not for the life of me figure out how to do them properly. Can anyone link me to a tutorial or something really easy to follow? I ended up backcombing my hair and ended up with something more closely resembling Peg Bundy than a 1940's film star. I also had shoes with very spiky heels but my boyfriend talked me out of them, since the party was taking place on a farm and all. I think the Zu heels were quite adequate though (and at least they didn't spike millions of holes in the grass)!

This is what I wore to Valentine's Day dinner at the Dux Cafe:

♥ Secondhand dress from a shop in East Fremantle
♥ Diva ring
♥ Miss Shop booties
♥ Williams the Shoeman purse, bought for something ridiculous like $2
I bought this dress a few weeks ago, while I was in East Fremantle (I think?) having lunch with my family for my grandparent's anniversary. Across from the restuarant I could see a little secondhand shop and this dress was hung over the front of the door and I was eyeing it all the while I was having lunch. As soon as it was polite to leave I bolted to the shop and hurriedly tried it on while praying it didn't have any obvious flaws I had missed and that I wouldn't get stuck inside it. I'm so glad I did, it's a very cute shape and a herringbone pattern that's printed to look like it's been scribbled on the dress. I have no idea what era it's from, so I'm not sure it's actually vintage, but I love it all the same.
What did you do with your weekend?


  1. woah what great dresses, they look like they were made for you! such a cute shape of the last one, what a great find

  2. Victory rolls have always evaded me (I think I could probably manage half decent ones on someone else? But when I had longer hair and attempted them they always dropped and you could see millions of pins :p). I used to just separate the top half of my hair into two section, tease the buggery out of it then twist slightly & pin...gave a very 40s shape without to much difficulty!

    Love that black&white dress, gorgeous!

  3. the dresses are rather pretty!
    you look very very lovely!

    i am rather certain "esme and the laneway" posted a link a little while ago as to how to achieve victory rolls!

    i think "super kawaii mama" also posted a video tutorial!


  4. You look great in both dresses. Love the face, too :D
    Hope you had a good V Day xx

  5. oh, such cute dresses :)
    beautiful x

  6. selinaoolala - Thank you! I was rather pleased to find it :D
    Lola - Thank you!
    harbourmaster - Yes my hair pretty much falls down regardless of how much spray I put into it! I will try your tips though!
    Anonymous - Ooh thank you, I will look it up!
    Carly - Hehe :) I did, thanks!
    Mystery Flight Vintage - Thank YOU! Love the store!
    Alex. - Thank you miss! Have been missing your blog posts!


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