Sweet Tooth

This post is dedicated to my mum, who is doing a dentistry lecture at UWA tomorrow. I am so excited and proud of her, so this is for you, mum!

Both my parents are dentists so I have always been weirdly fascinated by teeth. It has also been good in that I've never been scared of the dentist, but bad that when people find out my parents were dentists, they say "Oh that's interesting... I have a really sore back tooth, what do you think that is?" and then they open their mouth for ME to examine the tooth, then I have to explain to them that it was not actually ME who went through years of training to be able to examine people's teeth and automatically diagnose their problem. ANYWAY, I was curious to see how many people thought teeth were cool enough to put on jewellery (not actual human teeth... because that would be gross... and I'm sure any of that jewellery would end up on Regretsy), and this is what I found...

I was considering getting this necklace when my heart necklace broke, but thought that people were already freaked out enough by the very anatomically correct heart and would probably be more put off by the freakily accurate (I think) tooth.
On the other end of the tooth scale is the incredibly cute teeth. They usually have very "kawaii" looking bows and facial expressions and I'm not entirely sure why they are the go-to for characterising teeth?
I also like these 50's era "tough teeth" guys. I think this brooch is incredibly cute and it's only fifty cents!
If you're afraid of the dentist would these teeth soothe or increase your fear? I think they are very cute. Except for dead-eyes tooth on the end there.
In case you need a reminder of what ice cream will do to your teeth, how about this handy brooch set to remind you? I do feel bad for poor little sick tooth, though.
I have to admit, I am not entirely sure where you would wear this ring. It would certainly be a conversation starter at parties, though... I would be intrigued to talk to whoever wears a massive molar drawing on their finger!
And finally my favourite dentist song (...because there are so many, I'm sure), from one of my favourite films, Little Shop of Horrors.



  1. oh love the little 50's area tooth pillows! how fun growing up with dentist's as your parents! no sugar allowed i bet? haha. cute post -h

  2. that ring is great, i was always morbidly fascinated to teeth i had out for my braces, the roots on the molars! i've still got them in a little box in my room hehe

  3. haha so many cute teeth! I'm not sure I'd embrace teeth in my own style choices but this is a fun post :) And I suppose the teeth thing fits in well with the vampire hype at the moment too in a way! Hmmm. :P

  4. awe thanks so much for your using my sweet tooth pin!! :D :D i loved this post so much fun!

  5. awe thanks so much for your using my sweet tooth pin!! :D :D i loved this post so much fun!

  6. Don't forget the Drink Me Alice molar earrings, necklace and cufflinks!



  7. I have a weird obsession with teeth too, but only because they are my least favourite feature!

  8. hannah pritchard - Haha exactly! I didn't have sugary cereal until I was about 15, it still is a huge novelty for me!
    Helen - I think when I was younger I kept all my baby teeth in a box, no tooth fairy money for me!
    Monster Girl - I didn't even think of the vampire teeth! My tooth items seem depressively normal now :P
    ohmydeer - No problem, it is an extremely cute one!
    Alicia - So insanely awesome! I love the earrings!
    Corrine - Aw, I'm always self concious because when I say my parents are dentists, people automatically demand to look at my teeth! They pretty much scour my mouth for imperfections...


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