Standing On The Wedge

I have been enamoured with wedge boots, they have been everywhere lately! Here are some of my favourites so far...

1. Sportsgirl boots
These are my favourite of the bunch. A cross between hiking shoes and the sexy wedged boot, they would be absolutely perfect for winter, paired with skinny jeans, stockings, flannel and fleece.
2. Ash trainer wedge, $273.51
I did baulk a bit when I read that this was a "trainer wedge", as usually this means a faux Converse sneaker with a cheap heel attached. However, I think that the texture and detailing is really interesting.
3. Witchery boots, $249.95
SO AMAZING, I love the wooden wedge in contrast to the khaki coloured suede. These would fit right in with all the military styled collections that you'll be seeing everywhere in winter.
4. Fendi wedges, 191.30
A simple black, stylish option for nights when you want to wear heels but need some more support. I'm not sure how easy it would be to dance (as opposed to clomp) around in wedges, though...
5. Michael Kors wedge boots, $186
I may have a soft spot for Michael Kors after numerous viewings of Project Runway, but there's no denying that these wedges are divine. I think that these chocolate brown cuties would be very flattering.
6. Jeffery Campbell boots, $93
I think you would have to have a phenomenal outfit on with these boots so they don't look like they came from Hot Topic, but I love them nonetheless.
7. Opening Ceremony peep toe wedges, $210
I love the unexpected pop of colour with these boots, how fantastic would they look with an all-black outfit?
8. Costume National wedge boots
Another chic black option, but I loved the more sculptural heel with a bit more detail than the Fendi wedges.

What do you think of the look?



  1. love those sportsgirl ones but the original chloe version are so beautiful. tony bianco have just released their winter collection and have some GORGEOUS wedge boots, so want. mmmmmm nommy, great post!

  2. I completely agree, in the past year I've been totally won over by wedges. I tried the sportsgirl ones on the other day and just don't think I'll be able to resist when I get my next paycheck :)

  3. Love no.6. I agree though, you'd need a killer super-chic outfit to make them work. Also enjoying no. 8, think they'd be a bit more versatile to work with as well.

  4. The sportsgirl ones are the nicest. i totally think wedge boots look great, but leave them to other girls, as i still can't enjoy a heeled boot, even of the wedge heeled variety, as much as a comfy, everyday wear, flat boot.

  5. ooh i bought those sportsgirl wedges a week or so ago, wore them on the weekend, they are amazing, but hurt a little if you intend to jump up and down in them for several hours!


  6. no7 is a winner. definitely to be paired with black skinnis and a big slouchy number on top.

    xx fayoona

    ps gin in a teacup, you are girl after my own heart *clinks teacup of Saphire blue*

  7. Just found your blog. it's wonderfully cute and simple. great stuff! xx

  8. minteva - Haha the Chloe boots may be a leeetle bit out of my price range! Sportsgirl all the way! :P
    Lisa Grace - Yes they may be my first winter purchase!
    Amy Alexandra - I do think the Costume National ones would be easiest to work with, they are so chic and lovely!
    Mystery Flight Vintage - I can never find a nice flat boot! I will have to resume the search this winter...
    Stompface - They might have to be "dinner shoes" or "movie shoes" for me, I'm not sure how easily I could walk in them!
    Fayoona - You're so cute! Hehe! If I DID have a teacup full of gin it would be Sapphire for sure!
    Emma & Narelle Prismatic - Thank you! x


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