Not just gin in a teacup...

I've never thought about collecting teacups until I read something on minteva's blog about storing jewellery in them. I decided to try it for myself with these two teacups and the 1940's saucer I got from an op shop in Fremantle.
It will probably make things a bit difficult to find, but it looks so sweet I don't really mind...
I got the cat picture at the Unwrapped Markets (which will be happening again in South Perth next month!), and I think it was made by Made Of Awesome. I got another really cute picture from them as well which will probably pop up in another blog post.
Having nice things around is cheering me up right now. I have had a really horrible week so far.


p.s I have a Formspring now! I'm not entirely sure how to use it but if you want to leave me a question, you can do so here:


  1. What a great idea, teacup storage! I've already got cake stands on my dressing table, I may have to pinch that idea.

  2. it makes everything so much sweeter. hope your week improves!

  3. I use Martini glasses to store my jewellery in. It's not as sweet as tea cups but it still looks good :)


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