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This weekend I went to the St Jerome's Laneway Festival. It was supremely brilliant, as expected, although I felt way, way underdressed compared to some of the other punters (see here for proof!). My favourites of the day were Mumford & Sons - heartbreakingly beautiful melodies and a whole crowd singing along to 'Little Lion Man' - and Wild Beasts, who I hadn't heard of until the day but they blew me away. Very Muse-y, but perhaps not on such a grand scale. I was very sad that I could hear but not actually see Florence and the Machine, but from what I could hear they sounded amazing. I think this is my favourite festival I've been to for awhile, and I already am psyched for next year!

Wearing Modcloth dress (first outing, I doubt it will have any outings without tights because it is a lot shorter than I'm used to!), Sportsgirl hat, scrabble tile 'T' earrings, Equip tights, and Mimi Loves Jimi brogues (very comfortable, the first time I've come home from a festival without blisters for a long time!).

Sorry for the lack of posting this week, have had some stuff going on that hasn't put me very much in the blogging mood - however, expect much more in the coming weeks!



  1. Sounds like you had a great time!

    Cute photo, you should post a full length one so we can see the dress properly :) :)


  2. Oh I was there too! It was just amazing, and such a unique set up too. Mumford and Sons were definitely one of my favourites as well, along with Florence and the Machine :)


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