How To Tuesday: Doing Nude

Step 1: Remove clothes.

Step 2: Walk outside.

OH BUT I JEST. What I am actually referring to is the ever-so-seductive, fleshy-toned clothes that have been popping up everywhere and looking intimidatingly stylish. I have a loose definition for it - I count everything from tan to blush pink in the nudey scale. Here are some ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe without, you know, looking naked.

Nude at night
Pale dresses with a hint of pink can evoke very delicate, Grecian-ish images. This dress is a bit more conceptual and Commes Des Garcons inspired, rather than a frou-frou, overly frilled affair. To avoid a girly overload, wear with a pair of lacy ankle boots and a few standout accessories (not too many, as to not overpower the dress), and some illuminating powder to emulate a glow that suggests you aren't too delicate and waifish.

Nude during daytime
In my opinion, colours such as tan look best with neutrals, so the look stays classic and elegant. For this gorgeous skirt, I paired it with a white chiffon top that would keep the floaty lines of the skirt. The shoes ground the look (and the heel matches the skirt - bonus!) and cute accessories keep the look from being too serious.

Not as Nude

Nude doesn't have to be classy and romantic all the time, though. This embellished tunic can lend itself to a grungier setting, with the help of a black cardigan and tights and studded brogues (STUDDED BROGUES!). Quirky accessories complete the look and give a bit of a twist to an otherwise classic piece.

So there you go! Do you wear any form of the nude colouring?



  1. OMG I love the nude dress with the black lace top! I have been known to dress in nudes, although usually I wear black, grey or borwn neautrals or bright colours.

  2. That last one is so pretty! I just recently bought a nudish blush pink jersey dress.

  3. Hahaha, I love this post. I really like some of the nude-coloured stuff floating around at the moment, but it doesn't really suit me - maybe because I'm white as a sheet? Those studded brogues are amazing though.

  4. Robyn - I don't generally go for nudes either but I looove how romantic and just pretty they look.
    Annie Spandex - Ooh pretty! Can't wait to see it on the blog!
    Miss Peregrin - Yesss I love them!


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