What I Wore 22.01.10

Hello! Today was one of my very treasured days off, and even better, I actually had the house to myself for a couple of hours. I finally managed to watch The September Issue and did some cleaning.

This is one of the new skirts I picked up this week. I really want to try wearing seperates more often, because I feel like my outfits aren't really worthy of posting if they always just consist of a dress and a pair of shoes. I can't wear pants, and ESPECIALLY not shorts, without looking like a kid trying to play dress up, so skirts are as far as I'm going for now. I have one coming from Modcloth (have you seen their sale yet? It's insane!) and I bought a Wayne by Wayne Cooper mini for less than half the original price. Go me.
♥ Hi There by Karen Walker top - you might have spotted this in a few photos in the past couple of months, I have been wearing it constantly!
♥ Dotti skirt
♥ Mimi Loves Jimi brogues
♥ Sportsgirl nail polish
♥ Frank the Deer brooch by My Girl Gwendoline

And outfit details...
Hello Frank.

p.s I wanted to say thank you to Boy for taking my outfit photos since I got my new camera, and also because he bought me Lisa Mitchell's album today <3


  1. I love how the buttons, shoes and brooch really pull everything together without it looking "matchy" :)

  2. you look lovely! and hey i have that nailpolish too, it's great isn't it :) also i hate you for bringing that modcloth sale to my attention :P haha

  3. Love the shoes, love The September Issue, love Lisa Mitchell. You have very good taste :)

  4. Yay for Karen Walker! I adore her Hi There collection & this top is very pretty and looks great, especially with paired with the dear.

  5. Tara, you look GORGEOUS! And is that a lovely new haircut/colour I spy? :)

  6. Monster Girl - Thank you! I always comment on other people's blogs on how I love those outfit details on them so I decided to try it out for myself :D
    minteva - I'm obsessed with it, I would wear it more if my boss didn't hate crazy-coloured nails :P and hope you did well at the Modcloth sale!
    Lisa Grace - Thank you! Just checking out your blog now, it looks great!
    Joanne Faith - I love it too! I actually wore one of the dresses on New Year's Eve but forgot to take any photos!
    Alex - Thank you, this is their first official outing since I got back from Melbourne!
    Corrine - Kind of - I dyed over the Maurice Meade job and have played around with the style a bit, that is probably it! It does need another coat of dye though :(


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