What I Wore 19.01.10

My first outfit post of the year! Unfortunately it's not spectacular; this is what I wore to see Them Crooked Vultures and as I was in a rush I only got one good photo!
♥ Ben Sherman top
♥ Supre skirt
♥ Rubi shoes
I bought Boy tickets for Them Crooked Vultures for his birthday way back in October and I have been so excited about seeing them. I am a massive Dave Grohl fan and of course I love Led Zeppelin and Queens of the Stone Age so I was very happy when they announced they were coming to Perth! I hadn't heard a lot of their stuff before tonight, in my opinion it's most heavily influenced by Josh Homme, it had that kind of QOTSA effect where it's like the music runs up behind you and clubs you in the back of the head, it's so intense. But in a good way.
More posts to come this week!
p.s You may have noticed I dyed my hair - bye bye tiger stripes!


  1. Cute outfit, I love the skirt! :)


  2. Cute as! Rubi shoes...that's the spawn of Cotton On, isn't it?

  3. PrettyYoungThing & Lisa Grace - Thank you so much! <3
    Joanne Faith - Unfortunately yes (I used to work at Cotton On before Rubi was introduced :P ), these shoes will probably last three weeks before combusting!
    Anna - Thank you! It's from about three years ago & I think the only Supre item I have left in my wardrobe :)

  4. i love the skirt - it's amazing.

    i can't imagine wearing open toed shoes in january though ^_^


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