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I love, love, love my usual hairdresser at Toni & Guy but when I saw that Maurice Meade was having a special where you can get a hair consultation, your hair cut and coloured and a bunch of gift vouchers and products for under two hundred bucks, I thought, new year, new hair (as says the ad campaign) - I would give it a try.

The hairdresser was running really late so I had to wait around for about twenty minutes (not cool! I arrived on time!). I ended up having the consultation with the colourist, who pretty much insisted on having caramel streaks in my hair and assured me it wouldn't be "stripey" and streaky as opposed to highlights. The consultation was over in less than ten minutes. I ended up having my hair coloured first, and the assistants were all very lovely and made sure I was OK for coffee and had enough magazines and such. I also have to add that although I felt the consultation was a bit brief the colourist was really sweet.

When it came to washing it out, the assistant said we would have to go to the back basins because one of them wasn't working in the main room, which would have been OK if there were some lights on in there! I also had a lot of leftover dye on my forehead and around my ears that the assistant didn't wipe off and was there until I actually got my hair cut. Also left in my hair were some big clumps of toner, which again, the hairdresser had to go and rinse out. Despite all my concerns the colour came out looking pretty stripey and not at all "natural" - I know nothing about hairdressing but I have a feeling the colour might have been left on too long so they went a bit lighter than they were meant to?
The haircut itself is OK (and by OK I mean... salvageable), again, the hairdresser had very definite ideas of what he wanted to do with my hair and I didn't really feel like he listened to what I wanted. I was very clear about what I wanted but he apparently disregarded all that and then cut it however the damn hell he pleased! I was really not happy with the end result. I felt like I looked like an 80's porn star, yuck! All in all I felt a bit ripped off.
Gin in a Teacup rating: ♥ / ♥♥♥♥♥


  1. The colour actually looks ok in these pics and I would like to see it without the pulled face to decide on the porn star bit. Doesn't change the fact that the advertised service didn't cut the mustard - just the hair (ducking, now).

  2. I think it looks good :)
    Cute photos x

  3. that's the worst.
    it's cute, but i get what you mean. i get a lot of stylists that want to do things with my hair that just can't be done and i end up with weird cuts. the worst

  4. oh that is the worst, though honestly, it looks totally fine.
    i do get it - it is the worst to spend money like that and not get what you want.

  5. well i had my haircut on friday, showed them wht i wanted my hair to look like but the stylist insisted that i have some curl..its only yesterday i realised what a disaster my hair is. the layer are all uneven n i have a complete different hairstyle to what i really wanted.. i am going to call them tomorrow n see if they will fix this.

  6. I also had a bad experience there. Terrible haircut with consultation didn't last more than 15 minutes. And so to give them $130 for worst 15 minutes will pain me forewer. Would never go back there.

  7. I booked an appointment with the stylist who had done a great job on my previous visit. A few days before, they called to say she wouldn't be available. I was 'persuaded' to go with another stylist - was highly recommended by the original stylist. To cut (pardon the pun) a long story short - the stylist did a really bad job on my hair and I called and returned a few weeks later. I was still not happy but all I can do is wait for the 'chopped' layers (not asked for) to grow out. I asked for a classic professional style (bob type) and emphasised that shape was really important to me. I feel badly let down and my hair looks the worst it has for ages. On my return visit, I was sold a very expensive product which also doesn't work. I will neither return, nor recommend Maurice Meade to anyone. A lot of money for a big disappointment. Maurice Meade, I suggest you spend considerably less on your advertising and 'glitz' and more on training stylists to listen to their clients and do right by them.

  8. I had my hair done at Maurice Meade in Hay Street recently and had a similar experience. I showed them a picture of what colour I wanted and the colour that was done is completely different.

    I think the staff are not qualified for the price that is charged. I paid over $200-.

    I would never recommend Maurice Meade to anyone!

    1. i sooooooo agree with u what a rip off

  9. decided to have a go at maurice mead shout myself took in a picture of how i would like it cut ,not only did it cost me a fortune i came out looking like something the cat dragged in nothing like i asked them to do is the worse hair cut i have had in my life my daughter could have done a better job i will NEVER go back to them again i felt down wen i went in felt even worse when i came out so much for their motto look and feel like a millian dollars what a lot of hog wash SOOOOOOOOO disapointed.

  10. I used to work for this company and if I am to be completely honest I would rate them as less than zero if I could. The seniors have absolutely no respect for their clients (despite the fact that they are the only reason they have a job) and I constantly found them in the lunch room winging and bitching about their clients. When told that they had a client waiting for them they would nod their heads and then sit on their phones for an extra ten minutes, meanwhile a paying customer is kept waiting. There is simply no respect. I even recall on one occassion walking into the lunch room to find two employees drinking beer! No wonder their are so many negative comments about this salon, the hairdressers are drunk! Not to mention they treat their juniors terribly. How can you respect a customer if you can't even be civil to a colleague? The salon was pretty worse for wear and there was a cockroach infection. The employees wouldn't drink the coffee there because cockroaches would sometimes get into the machines and yet they would serve it to the client. Disgusting! It is likely that the whole branch isn't as atrocious as the particular salon i worked in for a small amount of time but I wouldn't recommend this salon to a rat.

  11. I had just my first and last visit to Maurice mead. I was so looking forward to having a big change with large blonde streaks in my medium brown hair and a sleak cut. I knew it was going to be on the expensive side so saved some money before going in. My first impression was ok, I was asked to put on a black silk robe which I thought was great and a bit fancy until I saw the old scabby robes on offer! I had my 5 min consultation with the colourist, showed her the pictures of examples I had of the kind of streaks I wanted and she said it would be no problem. She told me the best package for me would be the $250 package but the toner wasn't included so it would be another $35 on top. My first impression was"whoa!!!" that is expensive but was looking forward to the new look I was happy to spend the money. After the colour was washed out another lady came to cut my hair. When she took the towel off my head I was surprised that I couldn't see any streaks, I thought ok maybe it's just because its wet.....
    She blow dried it and to my surprise the streaks were so thin they blended so much I couldn't see them at all in the ends!!!! I was devestated!! $285 for absolutely no change to my hair colour!!!!!! I told my colourist and she said ok I will put a note on your file to say you want the streaks thicker next time. There will not be a next time. I have never wasted so much money on a hair colour! Never again!!


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