Unfortunately my festival camera broke at Soutbound (and all hopes of a resurrection were ruined when my water bottle exploded in my bag) so I will just have to share my favourite acts via the magic of Youtube! Please check them out if you haven't already, I couldn't recommend them highly enough!

Lisa Mitchell - Coin LaundrySuch a cute song (kind of a creepy video but in an adorable quirky way!) and she was so sweet onstage. It's hard to believe she was an Australian Idol contestant, my boyfriend at the time loved her. Actually, so does my boyfriend now. If you can get your hands on it, check out her cover of Dire Straits' Romeo and Juliet.

Seasick Steve - ThunderbirdApparently Seasick Steve lived on the streets before he was 14, had a stepfather who abused him and his younger brother, was in and out of prison and then started recording music. He was awesome. He drank from a whiskey bottle while playing a guitar, got a girl up on stage to sing to her, and was just generally amazing/slightly crazy. Very bluesy andd good for foot-stompy kind of dancing.

The View - Same Jeans
I was so excited because I was front and centre for The View, although I was disappointed because not all of the crowd was getting into it (unlike the crowd in the video) and I was the only one jumping around like a crazy person. Despite thinking I had eye contact with the lead singer for a second ("Eye contact? I hope you were using protection") he failed to invite me to marry him immediately and tour with his band and have babies with Scottish accents. Fail.

Art vs Science - Parlez Vouz Francais?
This is my guilty pleasure song because I don't usually go for dance music. The day after they played their Southbound set we saw them at the John Steele Singers set, they were super nice and posed for about a million photos with shrieking 16-year-olds (I can honestly say that I didn't see one person with an over-18 wristband approach them) and then get staked out by all the kids too shy to ask for a photo. I thought that was really nice of them so they get a place on the list. Plus the video reminds me of an Ed Byrne sketch that I have spent ages trying to find and can't, which barely warrants a mention but if you happen to know Ed Byrne you will get it.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. love these, great post! thanks!

  2. I'm so jealous you got to check out Southbound! It must have been AMAZING!! Hopefully I'll get there one day. Was great listening to Art v Science again, they always know how to pump up a room. We had this song at our wedding and swear we were all jumping so hard that the mountain top in Thailand was vibrating!
    I love your blog, its cool.


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