Etsy Love: Osier

You might remember that I mentioned Osier in my post about the Unwrapped markets - I bought a little black pistol brooch. I recently looked up her Etsy shop and it's all so cute, like it was custom designed specifically to Gin in a Teacup taste! Here's my picks.

In case you couldn't tell by the recent giveaway, I'm kind of digging bird jewellery at the moment (although I am TERRIFIED of birds in their real form!). This gorgeous dove necklace, made from the casing of a vintage charm, is so detailed and I like the unexpectedness of the red.
How cute is this little bunny ring? For some reason it makes me think of Em from Lick My Cupcakes, maybe because she and this ring are both adorable? I would wear it with a Chanel-inspired mint green manicure, a white lace dress and tan heels.

One of my favourite books is Love is a Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield, and as a child of the 90's I feel very nostalgic about cassettes. To be honest the first mix tape I ever made was for Boy when we started dating and that was well out of the 90's, but rest assured, many mix tapes have been made in honour of unreciprocated crushes. I have a metal mix tape necklace but I've never seen one made out of an actual cassette before... this one is definitely the coolest I've seen!

As I think I've mentioned before, my dad collects owl figurines and it has definitely influenced my sartorial choices. So it seems strange that this brooch shares the same name as him (and Boy, incidentally!). As you may have picked up on, I have been seriously into brooches recently, after years of buying them and then never finding anything that they looked good with - I think all my years of wearing pinback badges as a tween scarred me for life (not literally, although those pins do hurt). Anyway, if you are so owl-y inclined, you can purchase Christopher the Owl as a brooch, ring or a number of other formats.

So if you get a chance check out the Osier Etsy store. I was lucky to talk to the designer for a bit at the markets and not only is she super sweet, but she also has her own blog!



  1. Oh, that bunny is so sweet and I love the TDK necklace!

  2. Damn you lack of paypal monies! I want that brooch like nowwwww. Thanks for the post Tara!

  3. Love the little birdie! so cute

  4. these are sweet!!

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  5. awww, thank you for the feature you sweet thing. i've added you to the Made On The Left blogroll if you dont mind :)

    xoxo Lauren


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