What I Wore 18.12.09

Outfit photos from a different location, goodness gracious! This is what I wore to see Ponyo at the outdoor cinema at Kings Park. It was such an adorable movie and it was rather nice to lie all snuggly-like on a blanket, eating antipasto and watching lovely little anime characters. This was at the playground on a big dinosaur statue.

♥ Romance Was Born for Sportsgirl dress
♥ Black flats
♥ Diva headband
♥ Dangerfield stockings
♥ Black flats
♥ Paraphernalia necklace
♥ Vintage bag from Retrostar
I wear this dress so, so often and yet it has never been featured on the blog, I don't think! Well, here it is. It has a little deer print on the skirt, it is gorgeous. I have the top from the diffusion line as well - I was swayed by the fact that Super Kawaii Mama has the same one. And I got them both on sale (at different times)!
Have a good start to the week, only a few days until Christmas! Be on the lookout for a Gin in the Teacup Christmas giveaway...


  1. You look great :)
    I so love that dress especially with the stockings :)

  2. You look mega cute! I really want to see Ponyo too!

  3. I really like your stockings!

  4. I love love the stockings too, remind me of Rodarte.... lovely blog!


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