Places I Would Like to Live #4

Now that I'm actually living with someone, it's interesting for me to see how other couples live and are able to combine their personalities - and aesthetics - in the one house. Now, without actually being able to go into people's houses without, um, being a creep, I am relying on websites like The Selby, which I've mentioned here before. The latest house I'm obsessed with is that of Susie Cheong and Nic Brand, designers for Lover and - an added bonus - living in Sydney! I've actually seen their house profiled before in an old issue of NYLON but I love the photography on The Selby, so here it is.
It might be easier to match your aesthetics if you design a label together! But I love this house and think it has just the right amount of quirkiness and organised chaos.

More pictures of their house and other houses at the Selby's website.


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  1. If you like looking at other couple's houses (I love seeing where people live too!), I have a flickr set of photos of the apartment I share with my boyfriend. he's not really design-minded at all but I like to keep him in mind and put together a look that's not too girly! I love my place!


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