How To Tuesday: Picking a Holiday Dress

Whatever you believe in, this time of year is pretty crazy. There are Christmas parties, lunches with family, meeting up with friends, that weird period between Christmas and New Year's when no one knows what's going on, and then finally New Year's, after which we have a little break. So, you need a fantastic outfit to get you through any situation! Here are my picks...

You need a dress for: Christmas Day lunch.

Might I suggest: This French Connection sundress?
This dress looks crisp and effortless, and if you look closer you can see the detailing on the bust and waist. Although the neckline is wide, it doesn't look too low cut that you'll spend a family lunch awkwardly pulling up your top, and is a length that will keep you cool if you spend Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere, like me! Some may argue that white is an impractical shade to wear, especially when there is a mixture of kids and food, so if you still drop food on yourself and like to pick up small people maybe look for a dress in another colour... but I love it!

You want: A Christmas party dress that isn't black.

Might I suggest: The I Love You Navy Dress from Modcloth?
You might know this by now, but I work in a boutique, and it is amazing how many people are sick of wearing black - especially when fashion magazines are constantly fawning over the Little Black Dress, the new shape for the LBD, the LBSD (that would be the little black sequinned dress, as I saw in Grazia). Navy is a great alternative, and this dress has enough interest with the ruffle to keep it interesting. This is a flattering length on everyone and will be classy enough to take you from an office Christmas party, to dinner, even through to New Year's.

You want: A dress that will always be a classic.

Might I suggest: This By Malene Birger dress from Net-A-Porter?
Not only perfect for the holidays, this dress is worth the investment as it will see you through pretty much any occassion life throws at you. Glam enough for a wedding, demure enough for dinner at a fancy restuarant, covered-up enough to go and meet your partner's family... The classic shape means that it will never go out of style, and the colour is a nice change - the sheerness adds some interest too. Obviously one dress won't be to everyone's tastes but I'd be willing to bet that most people would not run away screaming from this one.

You need a dress for: Making a statement on New Year's Eve

Might I suggest: This sexy little number from Sportsgirl?
I don't really go for the body con dresses - I look a little bit like a sausage in them - but there's no denying that this dress is fantastic for New Year's Eve. The embellishment on the shoulder is not enough to hinder your rockin' moves and, let's face it, black is always a good colour for when you're out and getting numerous drinks spilt on you/sweaty from dancing around so much/covering up any insecurity following eating way too much at Christmas lunch.

You need a dress for: The day after.

Might I suggest: This Witchery maxi-dress?
I actually own this dress - albeit in slightly different colours - so I can vouch for how comfortable it is. It is perfect either for laying on the couch moaning and clutching your stomach, vowing never to eat turkey and ham and potatoes and pudding ever again, or for laying on the couch moaning and clutching your stomach vowing never ever to imbibe any alcohol again and vetoing New Year's altogether. It's a knit dress, so as I have probably mentioned before, it feels like you're wearing a big comfy blanket, and it still looks decent enough if you need to dash to the shops for magazines/DVDs/aspirin.
Hope this has helped, dears!


  1. i have no idea if my first comment went through or not..

    i think i said that i love the first dress because it's so fresh and lovely. the second one is super classy too :)

    also.. I'm running a Christmas/End of year giveaway.. make sure you enter :) Entry is open to everyone too.

  2. Oh this post was such a great idea, thanks! I love the Marlene Birger dress! Though it is definitely not in my price range :(


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