Where have you BEEN?

I thought that I was long overdue for a post - of any kind! This is what's been going on:

♥ I had five radio news stories to do last week, which I managed to do in two days. That meant finding interviews, doing the interviews, editing them, and writing the stories to go with them - IN TWO DAYS. That explains my kind of necessary absence from the internet!

♥ I've had a sinus infection and then a bacteria growing ON that infection - yum, I know, but it meant that I was pretty much useless for a week. I'm feeling much better now though.

♥ I've now officially finished uni, next year is my last year! I haven't re-enrolled yet because my stupid uni account isn't working, but one of my units is meant to be print production, which means producing the uni newspaper! Eep!

♥ I've lined up some work experience for the holidays - I haven't been able to get fully into it because of uni but it's something I'm really excited about and that I hope I can do a good job at! All the people seem really nice so far.

♥ I bought the 21 Day Wonder Diet book in preparation of summer - I will let you know how it goes! My friend at work is doing it as well so I will have no excuse for slacking!

♥ I go to Melbourne in less than a week! Ahhh! I am still collecting places to go so let me in on your secrets!

♥ I got an email from Emma at 2threads telling me about their upcoming fashion awards - I would be really happy if Gin in a Teacup got through the nomination stage to the voting stage! You can win some awesome prizes just for nominating a blog as well, so please help a blogger out!

Also, I have been the incredibly fortunate to get these two awards!

One is from the lovely Em of Lick My Cupcakes:

And I would like to pass it on to And Darling, minteva's new blog. Hooray!

I also received one from A. at shut up, vita. But that requires a whole post, methinks!

If you've read this far, hooray! Here is something just for you.



  1. awwww thank you so much lovely! we MUST catch up when you get back from melbourne- you can tell me where to shop! (did i mention i'm going in dec? so excited!)

    and oh my lord i can't believe you did 5 radio stories in 2 days, that's amazing. seriously, i'm gobsmacked haha well done! where's your work experience?

    love! xx

  2. Congrats love! I just went to the site and "nominated" you. Hope that helps :)

  3. i didn't realise bacteria was so stackable.. would that count as genetic accessorizing?

  4. producing the uni newspaper sounds SO COOL! Hey, I totally came as Courtney Love for Halloween, then Em was like "Tara did that a couple of weeks ago!" and I remembered reading about it on your blog, haha. Need photos missy! I just blogged my costume, check it out for comparison ;)

  5. did you get that infection from doing so much work in 2 days?

    hey sorry i haven't sent you a print copy. that plan really fell through. T-T
    we're going to go to print eventually but it'll be a while...
    anyway, i'll go post your pressie soon.


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