What I Wore 26.11.09

I wore this fantastic dress to a dinner and movie date with Boy! We went to the Cinammon Club for some yummy Indian food and then to The Invention Of Lying. To be honest (ha) the movie was very clever but not spectacular, as much as I love Ricky Gervais I just couldn't get that into it. Also something about Jennifer Garner just really irks me, I can't place it but I can't watch a movie with her in it without grinding my teeth. I'm sorry Jennifer, it's nothing personal.
♥ Vintage dress, from Retrostar
♥ Gold rose studs from Diva
♥ Shoes from Zu
I looove this dress. It is my Chuck from Pushing Daisies dress now because Boy said it reminded him of a pastry-maker's dress. The pictures don't really show how vibrant the green is in real life. (They do show how pasty and white I am, though!)

Today I also went shopping and, along with a new iron (joy! No, really) and a mini hair straightener, picked up a Maggie Alderson novel - I read one while on the plane and they are perfect escapist books - and Dreaming of Dior, which I'm reading right now and can say that it is wonderful. I often wonder about the stories behind the vintage clothes that I buy; I think that the author was so lucky to be able to get to know the women who had worn the clothes and their stories. And only in my wildest dreams could I inherit 3000 vintage dresses in perfect condition!


p.s I am thinking of buying a new laptop, do you guys have any recommendations?


  1. lovely photos :) the dress is so cute.

    as for laptops, i have a MacBook and it's the greatest!

  2. You're so cute!

    Firstly they're not called laptops any more they're called notebooks. Some rude assistant pointed that out to me recently.

    Work out if you want mac or pc first. they have their pro's and cons of each.

    Check the battery life of your notebook. Mine is always plugged into the power source because it runs out real quick.

    Go for a familiar brand. if you see a cheap computer and its a brand you havent heard and no one else has heard of it dont go for it.

    Good luck!

  3. That dress is fantastic - you look excellent <3 I recently purchased a wee Dell netbook! It's red, it's shiny, it has a 160gig hard drive, it's super light & easy to lug about, it's got a built in webcam, wifi capable etc & I love it to bits. I got mine in the UK but I believe you can pick them up in most electronics places in oz for about $550.

  4. Ohhhh that dress is gorgeous on you!! I vote MacBook.

  5. that dress is soooo amazing, and looks perfect on you! ahh i'm starting to get so excited about melbourne :) i think i forgot to comment on your other posts, but thank you so much for doing them- so so helpful! i just bought a secondhand laptop today for $200, an acer- i'm so freaking excited! (it's my first, haha) good luck in your quest! i know about about them when i was researching for mine- depends on your budget + what you want :)

  6. This is really cute! I can just see you with a basket of Christmas gingerbread going round to spread good cheer... please. ;)

  7. Alex - Thank you!
    Kate @ TresLola - The mini ones are very intriguing, I just need one that I can carry around easily so that might be good!
    masochisticqueenb - Haha, I will remember to call them notepads when I go looking! Do they not realise that there ARE things called notepads... made out of paper... remember paper? :P & my laptop/notebook at the moment has a really crappy battery so thanks for the advice!
    harbourmaster - Thank you! Two votes for MacBook so far!
    minteva - Yay how exciting! I'm glad the Melbourne posts helped you out :D
    Super Kawaii Mama - Haha I will endeavour to do so!

  8. that dress is beautiful, and very flattering. did you think it was a bit weird when The Invention of Lying took a super-Christian turn?


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