What I Wore 17.11.09

Hello! Today Boy and I went to the Dennis Hopper exhibit at ACMI. It was really interesting, I couldn't take photos inside but luckily THIS piece of epicness was in the place you are technically allowed to take photos.

And here is pretty much what I wore, my new shoes were giving me blisters so I changed to go and get some delicious pasta for dinner:
♥ Vintage dress
♥ New cardigan by Friends of Couture (more on that later, as it involved an epic shopping day which deserves its own post)
♥ Rodarte-inspired tights by Dangerfield (also new and, as I mentioned in my last post, an obsession of mine for a long time)
♥ Owl earrings by Diva
♥ Bag by Temt
♥ Black flats
And some more photos from the day...



  1. Woo, Temt! That's where I work :P

    Lovely photos.

    The last one is cute!

  2. I totes saw you today with your bf, walking down the lane right near Laurent bakery. In this dress!

  3. A. - I was wondering where you worked! The Temt bag is pretty good considering the price :) & thank you!
    Sarah - HAHA cool! You should have come and said hello! I hope I didn't look too huffy, Boy & I were quite snippy at each other by the end of two weeks straight of each other!


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