What I Wore 11.11.09

Hello from Melbourne! This is what I wore to go to dinner at Stalactites and then to the Bennett's Lane Jazz Club. I am having a fantastic time which unfortunately (and especially with the addition of a dodgy laptop and battery) does not translate into lots of blog posts being produced.
♥ New dress from Retrostar
♥ Black flats
♥ Don't Ask Amanda headband (also new)
In between shopping Boy and I have also been to the aquarium. I loved it! Here are some pictures...


I will try and update some more now that camera and laptop issues are sorted!


  1. Ohh so jealous! Can't wait to hear more about it.

  2. I didn't even know you were in Melbourne! Jealous. Can't wait to hear the full story!

  3. you look gorgeous, i LOVE that dress on you! & ahh i so cannot wait to go to retrostar, eep. i hope when you get back you do a big post on everywhere you went for meeeee okay! the jazz club sounds fab, that's a great idea :) hehe

  4. i love the aquarium - yours has penguins?! amazing.

  5. I'm loving your hair getting a bit longer, and you look absolutely adorable!

  6. A. - Thank you!
    Lisa Grace & Monster Girl & minteva - Big Melbourne post coming soon!
    Helen - I was so excited! I've never been to an aquarium and that was my favourite exhibit.
    Annie Spandex - Aw you're lovely! This is the longest my hair's been in about two years, I'm loving it!


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