Style Icon: Agent 99

I used to watch Get Smart all the time when I was little (my dad used to call my sister and I Agent 89 and Agent 91, after our birth years :P ), and while I didn't notice the incredible style of Agent 99 then - too distracted by the shoe phone, I guess - I've been watching reruns for pretty much that reason alone! A show made in the 60's is obviously going to have some mod influences, which I love, and there is no better inspiration than this very stylish secret agent. Take a look for yourself...
Fantastic hair and a tartan coat - fantastic. She always has fabulous eye makeup on, as well - it doesn't even get smudged while foiling evil plots to take over the world.

*dies* This dress is utter perfection. It looks amazing with the 60's bob to go with it. It is no surprise that Agent 99's back story is that she was a "high fashion model", as well as fluent in three languages, a violin and harp player and a talented singer :P

Isn't that a fantastic dress? If I was ever to get married I would want a vintage-styled dress, this is very good inspiration, although I may give the headdress a miss..

Agent 99 goes undercover as a noughties-era hipster?

Last one, I swear! I couldn't resist posting this adorable dress. I can't see it too clearly (need glasses!) but I believe it's pink houndstooth? Or possibly gingham? Either way, I need one.
p.s the heart underneath the picture will take you to the source, should you be so inspired!


  1. I love Get Smart! It was one of the best show. Agent 99 is beautiful and as demonstrated by the photos, a style icon :)

  2. I really like that second last one. Also bring my present on the weekend! I love you!

  3. 99 was and always will be the most cool beautiful and enigmatic woman ever on televisiondomigner

  4. 99 is absolutly georgeous!!

  5. 99 is so awesome that Jack White sang a song about her: Listen here


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