How To Tuesday: Wear Coloured Tights

Coloured tights have been popping up in a lot of my favourite style blogs at the moment. Gala Darling wears them, Rebecca from The Clothes Horse has been wearing them for years, and Susie Bubble is a champion of coloured legs!

It may be stinking hot in the southern hemisphere, but in the cooler months there is no better way to inject some colour into your outfit. Whether you team coloured stockings with a short dress to really make a statement, or you have a flash of colour peeking out from between your skirt and the top of your boot, it's a fantastic way to liven up an outfit without a lot of effort.

Here's a few ways that I can imagine wearing them. I've gone a bit boot-mad because I really, really, really miss winter.


The first outfit is where tights are the focus. Let the colours of the tights dictate the tone of the outfit - these ones are kind of Beetlejuicy, so the outfit has a delicious Tim Burton flavour. To really keep the focus on the tights, keep the rest of the outfit in similar tones to really offset the colour. This may seem a bit matchy-matchy but it does help keep the focus on your lovely legs!


If you can see the pictures in the collage above, you'll see there are some very clever outfits where the stockings are the same colour as the bottom half of the outfit. This makes the lady in question's legs look even longer and leaner. You could just do this with black, of course, but if your bottom half is going to look fabulous why not do it in colour? Keep the top of the outfit in neutral colours so that it's not taking away from the colour going on down below.


One of my favourite looks is to have a flash of colour poking out from between a long skirt (or in this case, coat) and boots. After all, if it's too cold to take your coat off, why keep the best part of your outfit under wraps? This outfit is all about unexpected details and contrast - a sparkly beret with a chicken talon around your neck, a bag masquerading as a Parisian postcard, and a flash of the most obnoxiously coloured stockings you can find under a heavy, almost masculine coat and flat boots.

Hope that has helped inspire some confidence to break out the colour! In case you were wondering, my favourite brands for tights are Dangerfield, Jonathon Aston, and Sportsgirl.


Collage credits, l-r: Doe Deere, We Love Colours blog, We Love Colours blog, Modcloth, from my computer, We Love Colours blog, The Clothes Horse, We Love Colours blog, Modcloth, from my computer, We Love Colours blog, Modcloth, Gala Darling, We Love Colours blog


  1. I own way too many pairs of tights. I think they're my favorite winter accessory!

  2. ooh i may have to try that matching tights with skirt rule. it'd look fab with red.

  3. Lovely post! Want the beetlejuice stockings so much!

  4. goodgirlgoneblog - Me too! I'm so devastated I won't be able to wear them for a few months...
    Helen - I love that idea so much, it seems so simple yet I'd never thought to try it before ;)
    Monster Girl - They are pretty groovy! I tried to make them a bit less goth and more girly... hope it worked!
    Annie Spandex - Thank you! And I love your new avatar picture - lovely!


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