How-to Tuesday: Dressing for a Festival

Sorry this is late! I'm sure it's still Tuesday somewhere in the world?

I gave a version of a festival outfit in my last How-To Tuesday (I just realised THAT was apparently published on a Monday... one day this will actually be published on the right day!), and here is the full article! I am incredibly lucky to be going to two festivals next year - Southbound and St Jerome's Laneway Festival. Dressing for festivals is obviously a lot different than just dressing up for a regular gig - here's some things you need to remember...

♥ It is either painfully hot or incredibly muddy. While you clearly want to look nice and not just give up and dress in a hessian sack (or... you might), you don't want to wear anything that can't be washed or that you would be devastated if it were harmed.
♥ Try and avoid white - in case it's muddy, or in case of horny teenage boys running around with Super Soaker water guns.
♥ Closed in shoes are fantastic but beware - your feet will feel like mini-saunas and at the end of the day will be swollen as hell. Personally, I would rather that then having my feet get all grimy with thongs, but that's just me.
♥ Remember to pack a jumper that will still go with your outfit at the end of the day - it gets COLD at most festivals, even if the heat has been stifling during the day.
♥ I usually take two bags - one with my jumper, bandaids, a spare pair of shoes, and other essentials; and another teeny bag which is just nough for some cash, my wallet (or at least my cards), my camera (not my new big, fancy-looking camera because some festivals don't allow that unless you're press), the timetable for the day and my mobile phone. Check the big bag in and take the smaller one, and collect the bigger one at night when I plan to stay by one stage and want to have my stuff with me! Also if you bring tampons and bandaids you will basically be everyone's hero.
♥ BRING A HAT AND SUNSCREEN! Most festivals have a communal sunscreen area, and obviously you can buy hats there, but sunscreen could run out and hats will probably sell out in about three minutes. Bring your own.
♥ Don't just wear shorts and a band t-shirt because it's easy - wear something that's still "you". Even buy a dress a few sizes up and belt it and it will be nice and cool!
♥ Don't wear fluro, please. Or leggings as pants. But that's another article for another time.

And now for the outfits!


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  1. YES! I'll be at Southbound too! So freaking excited.
    Cheers for this post, there's some good tips here, especially as it'll be my first time camping at a festival.


  2. This is great! I usually go to a few festivals every summer and all your fashion tips are fantastic (and very practical).
    I really liked the last outfit :) x

  3. Love the first outfit and the description totally fits me :)

  4. I always go for the closed in shoes, don't have to worry about getting trampled and my shoes falling off!

    & I am totally with you on no fluro!


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