Gin in a Teacup's Favourite Melbourne Places, pt. 1

Two weeks is quite a long time to spend anywhere on holiday, so I felt qualified enough to share my favourite places in Melbourne with you guys! Whether you live there and find something new, or you're about to travel there (like Mam!), I hope you find something that you like!

Release The Hounds, 279 Smith St, Fitzroy
A very cool store which carries retro-style clothing and some actual vintage pieces up the back of the store. One of the labels it carries is Friends of Couture, and the buyer for the store has an incredible eye because I went into the stand-alone store and it wasn't so great. I think I overheard the guy working there say that it was converted from a bar, which only adds to its quirkiness! The guy working there was actually incredibly helpful and not only gave me and Boy a bottle of water each, but he gave us some good recommendations of where to go to Melbourne and wrote down directions to us on the back of my receipt. Check out the range of jewellery while you're there, it is fab!

Above pictures from Lost + Found Market

Lost + Found Market, 12 Smith St, Collingwood
This place is incredible. Three floors full of not only vintage clothing, but shoes, hats, prints, handbags, homewares, and other little knick knacks. It's all very reasonable priced, there were about seven pairs of Doc Martens lying around and all for under forty bucks. I got a tan 70's dress with a cherry print and a 50's dress made in Austria for a very good price! The best thing about it is all the information on the tags, with what decade they're from, any problems with it, and some saying "This is an awesome sailor dress with mock pockets and anchor buttons! So cute!". I didn't want to leave! I can't even describe how awesome it is, go and see for yourself!

Retrostar Vintage Clothing, 1st Floor Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston St, Melbourne
One of the most well-known shops in Melbourne, probably, but it definitely deserves a place on the list. I go here every time I'm in Melbourne and never walk out empty-handed. Even Boy got into the vintage here (swoon) so we were both very happy! I usually don't go into the room with all the music t-shirts, and stick to all the adorable vintage dresses. Don't forget to check out the rack with all of the patterened tights - not sure if they're vintage but they are definitely awesome, with black sparkly tights, Twiggy-patterned coloured tights (yes, really) and pretty much any bizarre pattern you can think of!

From Metropolis Books

Metroplis Bookshop, Level 3 Curtin House, 252 Swanston St, Melbourne
Also on my list of "places I had an extremely hard time leaving" was Metropolis Books, which is upstairs at the Curtin House. If you're looking for general fiction, don't come here - the range is pretty small. However, it does have an absolutely mind-blowing range of books relating to photography, art, interior design, music, fashion, and a few random books thrown in (like Disapproving Bunnies and the I Can Haz Cheezburger book). I bought a Listography diary for 2010, a guide to vintage shopping (which I thought would be a bit wanky but is actually really, really useful), and a present for my sister so obviously I can't reveal it yet! I was very tempted by the Pamela Des Barres autobiographies and some Juergen Teller books, though. As well as books it has some unusual postcards (naked man weeing on a garden, freak show girls, pulp fiction covers), calendars, and other little gifts for people.

Look for part two soon!




  1. ohh it makes me want to go back to melbourne asap!
    lovely photos x

  2. More very soon please! I am leaving for 2 weeks in Melbourne on the 2nd of December and I want to see cool cool places!

  3. Alex - Thank you! I will have to credit Boy for them, I was too shy to ask if I could take the pictures :P
    rainbowstripe - Hope this one (& part two!) helped you out! Have a good trip!

  4. Thanks for the guide to cool stuff in Melbourne! I'm going in the new year, so I'll definitely check out some of your recommendations.


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