Put on your red shoes and dance the blues

Oh, this poor little blog. Sitting in the corner with a wounded expression like a neglected puppy. More updates to come, I promise!

I only just wrote about my summer essentials, but it got me thinking about summer shoes. I wrote about my detest for all things flippy and floppy, but what IS a good summer shoe to have? Personally, I'm not sold on beaded sandals. I don't know if it is me and my stumpy legs but they just remind me too much of nanna on a cruise ship. Also, I tend to have a bit of a sulk when it is actually hot enough to wear summery shoes, and defiantly wear black flats all year round, resulting in a case of Stinky Feet Syndrome. This year, I've decided, I am actually going to buy more that one pair of summer shoes (GASP!) that are not bought at the last minute before I go on a beach holiday (SHOCK!) and actually flatter my stumps and match most of my summer clothes (*FAINTS*). So, here are my top choices for summer footwear:

I know that these are, technically, beaded, but not in a night-out-at-the-RSL kind of way, more in a sexy-lost-in-Africa way. And we all know that Gin in a Teacup supports the tribal trend. I think that these would look fantastic with a black jumpsuit (by which I mean the kind with long, wide legs), or a button down playsuit (short length legs).
If you can't bear the thought of summer without something wedged between your big and second toe, at least make the thongs leather and pretty. These braided thongs are hardly your average Havianas, but can still be worn with anything and everything. You could probably even wear them down to the pub without getting kicked out for inappropriate footwear (although it is a bit unfair that girls can get away with wearing such thong-like footwear while guys can't even wear sporty-looking shoes. Oh well).

I didn't mind the gladiator shoe. However, I am a bit more reluctant to wear it now that every Short Stack-loving, Supre-wearing tweeny girl has got them on her orange-tanned legs. Enter these! They still look authentically biblical-like, and will go with everything from maxi dresses to lacy white dresses (a summer favourite of mine, but that's another post for another time), with a lovely golden (faux) glow to match. They may give you some interestingly tanned feet, but isn't that what summer's all about? ...No?
I have a feeling these Melissa shoes are a "love them or hate them" shoe, but I am firmly in TEAM LOVE. I think that these would look adorable with a floral summer frock, and even though they are made of rubber, I think that there are definitely enough spaces for air to come in and let your foot breathe. Plus, think of how rad they would look in winter with a pair of coloured tights underneath them?
What kind of shoes do you wear in the summer? If you wear beaded sandals - or, indeed, gladiators - I applaud you, and implore you to send in a photo of what YOU wear them with, for inspiration/shameless ripping off.


  1. I think I'm part of team love as well :)

  2. I really like gladiator sandals, but only ones that stop just over or under the ankle.. none of this knee high straps shit.

    I think those Melissa shoes are super cute though!
    I want a pair for every outfit.

  3. MELISSA SHOES! Oh they're flat, but so cute!

  4. love the black gladiator sandals!be sure to check out my blog and leave a comment!:) xoxo

  5. thegoodgirlgoneblog - Haha, YAY! They are so awesome!
    A. - Yeah, I think the over-the-knee ones are a bit TOO Roman for my liking!
    Ellie - I love them so much! I seriously am considering getting them, haha.
    Jessica Ly - Thanks!


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