How To Tuesday: Wear Shorts

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Shorts are really tricky for me to wear - either they look really casual and boring, or I think that they're way too short and that I will end up looking like I should be wearing them on a street corner. But, it's one of my summer style resolutions to try and embrace shorts, so here are my golden rules:

♥ Wear them at a length that you will be comfortable with, and not at a length that you will be continually pulling them down because you think they're too short.
♥ Don't skimp on the quality. Yes, Cotton On have $10 shorts around summertime, but the cut is less than great. Make them a wardrobe staple and be prepared to spend a bit more for a cut that REALLY flatters you - if you can find that in shorts then they are basically miracle pants that should never be taken off.
♥ DON'T WEAR HIGH BOOTS WITH SHORTS. It will look a lot more Pretty Woman when the look you're aiming for is just plain pretty. I think that boots should be well below the knee and definitely not with a heel. Also, if you wear cowboy boots, please be aware that you are following something now made trendy by Miley Cyrus kthx.

shorts1 by taralouise89

This is my grandpa-inspired set, haha. I was a bit wary of floral shorts when I saw them around - my first thought was that they looked like giant bloomers - but I think that if you continue with the "quaint and pretty" thing that these shorts are putting out then they should look fresh, rather than looking like you've forgotten to put on trousers. Also, unless you are very savvy to mixing prints, stick with a block colour that complements the shorts for your top. I am not adverse to crazily mismatched prints but it IS very easy to look like you just picked up two random things off your bathroom floor.

shorts2 by taralouise89 featuring Chanel

I wasn't on the "formal shorts" bandwagon (if you visit Go Fug Yourself, you'll know THOSE girls were vehemently against them) but I think these shorts/skort are too cute not to wear any time of day. Dress sparkly shorts down with similar coloured flats, a simple tee and minimal accessories. Also, and this is just MY opinion, but I would save bright coloured sequins for other parts of your outfit, unless you are extraordinarily proud of your bum and thighs. As with lots of other sartorial matters, you can get away with black more often than not.


shorts3 by taralouise89

This is my ideal look for a music festival. Shorts will prevent you from melting while you're dancing around, there's a long top which stops denim shorts from looking too Daisy Duke, and the shoes won't make your legs look stumpy, which is a big fear of mine whenever I wear shorts. Also, did I mention I MUST get a feathered headdress as soon as possible?

Happy leg-baring days!



  1. great article, tara.
    i love the first set of garments :)
    nice work. x

  2. Baha I love that WTF is Chanel tee!!

  3. lovely outfit' collages!!!

  4. the first collection of pieces is my favorite. i absolutely looovve those boots! :)


  5. Great ideas! I love wearing shorts and you've given me some new ways to wear them! xoxoxxo

  6. I adore the first collection.

    The third collection-where is that tee from? I could swear I saw Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl wearing it in one of the episodes of season two...the one where her new photographer "bf" is taking photos of her?
    (don't even ask why i know such a weird detail, photographic memory, I think...)
    love it, either way.

  7. and lol @ the miley cyrus comment!

  8. I don't mind shorts with nice, flat, leather riding boots. It is actually one of my favorite basic, go-to looks. You definitely have to have the right body for it though, because certain looks can look "sluttier" if you don't have the proper build.

  9. A. - Thank you so much!
    Ashley - Haha I love it too!
    Fashionista - Thanks!
    Natalie - Me too! If I ever find a pair like them I will be a happy lady!
    Fashion Cappucino - Aw, I'm so glad!
    bittersweet - Haha, it does look very Serena... if you click on the name of the set it should take you to the details of the clothes :) and yes, not a HUGE Miley fan over here :P
    Queen of Hearts - I agree, it is a good look in theory but tricky to pull off! I definitely can't pull off some looks because I have boobs & a booty :P

  10. Ooh, I love this! I'm so excited about How-To Tuesdays! :D Great article, Tara :)


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