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Things I have been up to...

♥ Reading the results of my little survey - thank you so much to everybody who participated! I was very flattered that lots of you wanted to hear more about my life - it is really not that interesting but I'll try! I was also excited to see that you wanted more 'How-To' posts, so send any fashion-related dilemmas to to help get me started!

♥ REALLY exciting news I can't wait to share, hopefully I should have more details on that by Wednesday...

♥ Dressing up as Courtney Love for a 90's party - unfortunately I wasn't feeling to well and fell asleep at about 11:30! I didn't take my camera so I will have to wait and see if anybody puts photos up. Rest assured I looked suitably trashy, as I am sure people at the bottle shop we had to stop at on the way will confirm.

♥ Planning Melbourne Melbourne MELBOURNE MELBOURNE!!

♥ Wishing Boy a very happy 24th birthday <3 href="">label and blog - go and visit them if you know what's good for you (if what is good for you is pretty clothes and lovely inspiration!)

♥ Uni - blergh, but almost over for the YEAR! Then next year is the final year of my degree, to say I am a tad nervous would be an understatement...

♥ At the moment I am home with a really horrible cold and reading Primped and Keiko Lynn while I am supposed to be writing an ethnography for anthropology.

So! I am going to spend the next couple of weeks refining the blog, HOPEFULLY getting a new layout, and basically attempt to work on the feedback you guys gave me!



  1. bdo tickets are still available at outlets! i reckon live will be all sold out but 78 records or mills in freo should have some.

    that's so cool that you're going to the pixies! i was umming & ahhing about it.. i still don't know! haha. i wish i'd gone to see costello though, wahh :( but i AM going to see maximo park, whee!


  2. hello. i am glad i stumbled across this blog. its great :-) p.s. jealous about you and seeing Pixies!

  3. Ooohh, I'm jealous of you seeing the pixies too! and Courtney Love was a great choice for a 90s party, please post pics if you get any, I love her in all her trashy glory x

  4. Exciting news?!! Can't wait to hear it :) The 90's party sounds so awesome. Ooh happy birthday to the Boy! Really do hope you feel better soooon dear, colds are no fun.


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