What I Wore 30.09.09

I have some days off from work so I had a lovely lazy day of sleeping in, going out for lunch, writing up some stuff for my friend's label (I will put it on here when I'm done!) and watching Project Runway. My video shop FINALLY got season two in, so I can continue my ongoing Tim Gunn obsession.

I got my Modcloth dresses yesterday, I have been bursting to share them with you!
♥ Sportsgirl headband
♥ Diva bow ring
♥ Black tights
♥ Black flats from... I can't remember, they are my work shoes and so the name on the sole has worn away!
♥ Black belt off another dress

I wrote a while ago that I might alter the sleeves on this dress, but I actually don't mind them like this. Gosh I love Modcloth.

I have some more bits of news:

1. I got an email from Manikinn to let me know about their opening sale - 20% off their online pieces until the 7th of October! I am particularly loving this, this and this.

2. I have a tumblr now! I thought it might be updated more frequently than here, but my internet is capped so it has been slow this week. Anyway, my tumblr is called My Peggy Sue and can be found here!

3. I am going to Melbourne in November, hooray hooray hooray! Boy and I will be staying at The Cube apartments for two weeks and I am sooooo excited. If you have any suggestions for fun things to do in Melbourne please let me know!

4. I am thinking about getting a new layout, how did you all get/make yours? Any help would be much appreciated.

And now I am off to make some meatballs and watch the Hey Hey It's Saturday reunion (on a...Wednesday?).



  1. love the dress, it's so cute.

  2. love the bow on your dress:)


  3. Oh, you look stunning! I'm loving Modcloth's pieces.. I've never actually bought from them before, but I've been browsing online and they're gorgeous. Must buy!

    Congrats on your Melbourne adventure next week, and when it comes to design, I'm clueless.. so I just paid someone to design Frock & Roll! :p

  4. Save me some Gunn action for this weekend! Also Elroy might make you a layout.

  5. Well, I can think of at least one thing you had better do while you are in Melbourne! ;>

  6. a. love the blog name and am glad to have found it, and

    b. that dress!! i had no idea modcloth had a deschanel dress; it's too perfect!


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