What I Wore 27.09.09

The major points of my week:
Monday: I went to see the uni counsellor, because I've been having some trouble keeping up with all the work. She said that one of the best things to do was to drop my working hours, so now I'm working two days a week until the end of the semester. Hopefully this will also lead to more posting!
Wednesday: Presentation at uni, and I got some new makeup from MAC (proper review coming soon!)
Friday: I went out for my gorgeous friend's birthday! We went to the Subi Hotel (which was really nice, awesome design and fairly cheap cocktails) and to the Sapphire Bar (which had a ridiculously strict dress code, lots of girls in not a lot of clothing, and some baaad disco tunes going on). Forget to take an outfit photo because I am silly.
Sunday: My mum and dad came up, we did a lot of housey stuff, and visited family. Then Boy and I went to see Up, which was amazing. I think that Pixar will be very happy come Oscar time. I love being enchanted by movies, it makes me feel like a little kid again! It was brilliant and you should all see it.
♥ Vintage "Beauty School Dropout" dress from Flair Vintage
♥ Op-shop shoes
♥ Diva bow ring
♥ Bowling pin earrings
♥ Cupcake purse from Broken Doll Vintage in Fremantle
I love this dress so much! Like Nikki wrote on the website, it reminds me a lot of Frenchie from Grease, which is never a bad thing. With the bowling pin earrings, I felt like some rockin' waitress from the 50's.
It was also the first time I've worn these shoes. I bought them from an op-shop last year for $8, I think they might have been wedding shoes :) You can't really see in the photos but they are embroided with little flowers, they are really very cute.


  1. Eeee I LOVE this dress you look gorgeous in it!! Great pick! x

  2. Stunning dress- you look beautiful!

  3. cute dress! that colour looks so crap on me, you pull it off very well!
    and less work hours should lead to more uni work, not more posting! tut tut tut!

  4. peachie dress is gorg! xo

  5. I would push someone in front of a bus for that dress! It's so fabulous and you look amazing wearing it :D

    The shoes are cute too I always wonder what shoes to wear when I dress in something other then black. Yes I'm not very fashionable and I only have black shoes hahaha.

  6. oooh it is like frenchie from grease! how awesome. you look totally adorable

  7. YAYYY! I love it - you put it together perfectly!!! What a great home it went to!!! xxxx

  8. Alicia - Hehe, I thought it was! Thank you!
    A. - Thanks :D
    Ali-bell - Haha, more uni work AND more posting! How's that? :P
    kittentails - Thank yooooou pretty face!
    Katie - I have to wear black flats to work most days so when I get the chance I wear anything but black! Haha!
    Death Wears Diamond Jewellery - Frenchie was always my favourite but I had to be Jan! HA! This is my childhood dream lived out!
    flair to remember - Thank you! I am glad you approve :D xo

  9. I love your dress so much - it really suits you!


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