What I Wore 20.09.09

Hello! I have been a bit absent from the internet, here is the rundown of my week:

Monday - Uni, where I was still not able to get an interview for my radio broadcast unit
Tuesday - Work
Wednesday - Thought I had a lecture at uni, so went down there - it turns out my tutor was on strike that day (about 5% of the tutors were, I thought "What are the chances MY tutor will be?". Apparently, pretty good) so I went to Garden City in the mood to buy things but walked away empty-handed
Thursday - Work
Friday - Me and Boy's two year anniversary! We went out to dinner at Red Cabbage, it was really delicious. I had crab, scallop and nero linguine for entree, and some kind of beef and chilli pasta pie for the main course. Then we came home and watched a Russell Brand stand-up DVD. Pretty perfect night as far as I am concerned. <3>
Saturday - Went to Boy's sister's for a yummy curry dinner and stayed over. She is having a 90's themed party so a good proportion of the night was spent in a FRANTIC DANCE-OFF to 90's disco music. I am still deciding what to go as, I really want to go as a Power Ranger but have no idea where I would get the costume.
Today - Have spent the day watching Rome, and tonight Boy and I went to see (500) Days of Summer, which I loooved (as I suspected I would, but it is rare that a movie actually lives up to my expectations!). I was meant to go with my girlfriends last week but was way too stressed about uni work to be good company. This is what I wore. But I felt a bit lame, like you know how people go to Harry Potter movies dressed as Harry Potter?:

♥ Vintage 60's day dress
♥ Black tights
♥ Zu shoes
♥ Ring from Diva
♥ Op-shop bag from Amanda
♥ Bow from Forever New, I can't find my LouLou Loves You one :(
Here are some things which will be arriving in my letterbox very soon! I am working on getting a PO box because some people have asked about sending things. Hopefully on Tuesday it will all be done!

I think I might take the sleeves up on this one (from Modcloth)
I need more maxi dresses in my life! Also from Modcloth.
I bought this necklace about a year ago but it got bashed around in my bag and broke :( From Paraphernalia
If you've made it this far you surely deserve some sort of reward. Go get yourself a cookie.


  1. Sounds like a hectic, but fun week!

    Love the outfit too! x

  2. hi lovely! you look gorgeous, and i love those modcloth dresses. prettyyyy, i am jealous!

  3. You know what? I do want a cookie.
    Thankyou for your text today, it made me very happy :D

  4. I love that dress you're wearing! you had no reason to feel lame!

  5. A. - More hectic than fun, but thank you :P
    amanda - Aww, thank you! I think I should just deposit some of my pay there every week, it's bad!
    emily jane - Come home soon :(
    Ali-bell - Haha, I just meant that I felt like I went to a Zooey Deschenal movie...dressed like Zooey Deschenal :P

  6. Ha, & to think I was EATING a cookie while READING your post! :D Gorgeous outfit, Tara.. you look absolutely exquisite :)

  7. what a cute outfit! i've still not see 500 days of summer :(

  8. oh i love this look.
    Vintage classic.

    have a great day!

  9. Stop it! Stop being so damn gorgeous! You're making the rest of us look like slackers ;-P

    Looove it


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