Four Seasons in One Day

A while ago, I wrote a piece on floral dresses. The lovely Good Girl Gone Blog wrote and asked for ideas on how to wear summer dresses in fall. Well, I am trying to get the good summer pieces early this year, but the weather has not yet come along for the ride, so I feel her pain of trying to make summer dresses more winter-appropriate.

I whipped up a few Polyvore sets to help start the inspiration...


Wear this dress in summer with cute flats, an adorable clutch and gorgeous accessories. I think this outfit would be perfect to wear out to lunch with your partner and eating eggs benedict, wholegrain toast and mimosas until you burst from the deliciousness!

...And wear it in winter with lots of black and quirky jewellery! Spend the day holed up in the library, reading old romance books - Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice and Romeo and Juliet with rain beating on the windows outside is enough to make anyone swoon.


I would wear this Vivienne Westwood dress to sit under the airconditioning vent all day and listen to records. I recommend something to induce summery feelings, such as Angus & Julia Stone, the Beach Boys or (for all you Australians) Paul Kelly! Well, maybe that last one is just me.


Pair the dress with some edgier clothes in winter to create a real London-inspired look. Although you won't exactly blend in wearing a bright red coat, you can spend hours tucked in the back of a coffee shop furiously scribbling in your Moleskine.


I believe this adorable dress to be perfect for a picnic with your girlfriends. Wear it with strappy heels (but not too high - you still have to walk in a park, and high heels can be difficult to navigate after those two bottles of wine!), matching nail polish, and of course, a hat! You don't have to forsake protecting your skin in order to look fashionable, hats are one of my favourite summer accessories.


Bring the dress into winter by pairing it with a gorgeous tan coat, lace up booties and some fantastic accessories. I'm sure you all know that hats are imperative to keeping warm in winter (and keeping cool in summer - it works, somehow, well I suppose so anyway) - make yours especially cute and bow-ified.

So there are my suggestions! I think my other, more general tips would be:
♥ There are very few dresses that won't be able to go transeasonal. A cute floral dress (of which I have many, so I can consider myself something of an expert :P ) can be made more winter-appropriate with just some tights, black ankle boots and a black cardigan. A long sleeved dress can be worn with strappy leather flats to make it look more sixties bohemian than Russian winter elegance.
♥ Be careful of fabrics. Wool obviously will be hell in summer, but surprisingly people still wear a lot of polyester in summer - it just doesn't breathe, people! It also starts to smell quite quickly in summer, so be warned! Likewise, be careful of dresses with lots of floaty layers in wintery weather unless you want to be continually trying to keep your skirt from blowing up and away!
♥ This is going to sound really schoolteacher-y but make sure you always have some form of sunscreen on in summer (well, ideally all year round)! I wear moisturiser with SPF 15 every day, because I would much rather buy a leather bag than have my face look like one!
♥ If you can make your dresses work season to season it will save you SO MUCH money. I usually think "OK, this dress for summer, this dress for winter" when really, a lot of them can be worn all year round. Even a maxi dress can be worn comfortably in winter if you use your noggin!

Hope this has helped!



  1. Thanks!! I love the outfits you chose. I'll most likely repost this soon and link back to you. You rock :)

  2. what label is the dress in the first and second outfit? I think I need it.... now!

  3. I love your polyvore picks! The flats in the first one are super cute. I agree that almost any summer dress can make the transition into fall, especially with booties and tights.

  4. Corrine - Thank you :D your comments are always so sweet, hehe!
    thegoodgirlgoneblog - Thank YOU for the inspiration! I hope it gave you some ideas!
    Miss ELK - I can't remember! It said "Haute Hippie" in the description but I'm not sure if that was the brand or the style... I will have a look for you!
    Delectable Swank - That's true! I love cute flats with little summer dresses, it's one of my favourite looks.

  5. Cute - love the jewellery in your collections, really nice :)

    Amy xo

  6. Great tips :)

    I love all the style note photos, too. x


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