What I Wore 26.08.09

It's my week off uni this week, this is what I wore to go op-shopping in Fremantle. I went by myself because, in my experience, people get annoyed when you spend hours in EVERY op shop looking at EVERY piece of clothing and trying on one dress, then another dress, then the first dress again, then leaving them both, then deciding to come back to the first dress, then trying the second dress on again too... you get the idea. ANYWAY. I think that was the best option because I waltzed away with five (FIVE! Hooray!) new dresses, the new Frankie magazine and a purse made out of fabric printed with cupcakes.

This is what I wore for vintage extravaganza shopping...
♥ Blazer from Target (new!)
♥ Jeans from Cotton On (REALLY need some new ones, it is beyond a joke now)
♥ Skull Indian tee from Kookai
♥ New Steve Madden shoes, bought for $30 at their closing down sale. I had no idea Steve Madden was going out of business, I am not that happy about it! I didn't wear these shopping because the heel is quite monstrous but I am wearing them out to dinner so it still counts.
IT IS MY BIRTHDAY REALLY SOON! YAY! I decided today that I really want Gossip Girl on DVD. I don't know why all of a sudden, but I feel my life will not be complete until I have it.
Some sneak peeks at my new op shop finds...

Hope your week is going swell!


  1. you look so cute in that blazer!

  2. THOSE SHOES! 30 DOLLARS! CLOSING DOWN! whatwherehow??? haha i love steve madden but they are so expensive. golly!

    those dresses look cute, i am super jealous that you can wear those buttondown dresses that look kinda dowdy on the hanger but amazing when you put them on! as in, they look fantastic when you wear them. i don't think that sentence made sense...

    anyway have you been to the vintage shop in new edition on high street? they have some gorgeous stuff but sadly too expensive for my tastes :(

  3. cute little haul! i havent been shopping for a while, withdrawl symptoms....

  4. I know EXACTLY what you mean about shopping on your own: while I love nothing more than trawling through shops with my girlfriends, sometimes, particularly when I have no idea what I'm after, it saves hurdles of hassle (for the other person!) to do it alone :) Your finds look gorgeous, and hooray for birthday anticipation!


  5. Such a cute ensemble...new addition of Frankie is just lovely isn't it..

  6. omg those target shoes are amazing!

  7. Monster Girl - Thanks love! I've been looking for a blazer for ages, was pretty surprised to find one at Target :P
    amanda - Thank youuu! I went to a new one, I guess it is the one you're talking about... the dresses I got from there weren't TOO expensive but yeah there was some pretty pricey stuff!
    A. - Thanks!
    Death Wears Diamond Jewellery - I've been shopping ALL THE TIME since I got my job, it's becoming unhealthy I think...
    Miss Corrine - I'm sure YOU will be having birthday anticipation too, lovely lady!
    Tink in my Closet - It's my favourite magazine :)
    Lilee - The shoes are Steve Madden! Thank you :) they are my new favourite shoes but quite impossible to walk in.
    mademoiselle glitter - Thanks!


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