♥ Watching: Watchmen, Harry Potter I & II to initiate Boy, Star Wars: A New Hope.

♥ Listening to: Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks, Don McLean - American Pie, Lily Allen - It's Not Me, It's You

♥ Blogs I'm loving: Love Letter to the Universe, AUS Style, D!RTY LAUNDRY

♥ Reading: Watchmen (haha), Yen & NYLON

♥ Favourite photo:

Purchased: Uni textbooks, so not much else! See by Chloe dress, Melissa flats, two headbands & an eyeshadow from Sportsgirl.

♥ Lusting after: Leather jackets, plane tickets to Melbourne, this tumblr, op-shop-sourced dresses, cage heels, the ever-elusive perfect pair of jeans.

♥ Loving: Go-go dancing, my job <3, align="center">

What's been up with you, lovely?



  1. I wish I was watching Star Wars right now. I should be reading books for uni, though. The most productive thing I've managed today was to do my laundry!

  2. i think tumbler is the person & tumblr is the blog ;) haha. but THANK YOU SO MUCH! the first thing i did after reading this post was to tumbl that photo actually. haha. <3!

  3. That's fantastic about your job, lovely girl :) Life is approximately a ZILLION times more enjoyable when you enjoy strolling into work everyday!

    P.S. I loved your piece for 'Monster Girl', both you & Em had some really interesting things to say.

  4. Monster Girl - Haha I probably should be studying too, but Star Wars is just too damn awesome to ignore!
    minteva - Oops! I actually did mean to write 'tumblr', but my brain must have switched off somewhere... thanks!
    Miss Corrine - Thanks lovely! I blushed a bit when I read what lovely things you said about our blogs!

  5. See mee!


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