I wish...

...for all these things on my birthday in a couple of weeks (the 31st, to be precise!).

(clockwise, roughly): Party Planner dress, sunglasses from Girl Props, Rodarte-inspired shoes, a leopard skin laptop case, The Boat That Rocked on DVD, cigarette earrings from Girl Props, labbit rings from Tarina Tarantino, Famous ring from Girl Props, lots of birthay kisses!, Planet Blossom Ring from Tokyomade, Melissa x Vivienne Westwood "Dragon Lady" shoes, a new camera, & vanilla icecream with wafers!




  1. Hey miss,
    Just found your blog, and was captivated by your cartoon charatcer styling!
    Good luck fulfilling your wish list.

  2. thank you for reminding me, i am terrible at remembering birthdays! haha.

    lovely list- i too am craving those melissa shoes, yum! & those chanel-esque sunnies are great - pity for me it would involve getting contacts! haha.

    ps your labels look cute: i love i want tara. haha :)

  3. those dragon lady shoes are gorgeous! I hope at least some of your wishes come true (:

  4. Those shoes are fabulous! I hope all of your birthday wishes come true! Any fun celebration plans in the works??

  5. Lol good luck with that!

  6. lovely! love the heels, camera, etc. Awesome choices! Hope you get what you want on your special day.

  7. I NEED those vivenne westwood shoes hehe swooooooooooon :-D

  8. your blog is beautiful, ive just stumbled across it!

    ive wanted those vivienne westwood/melissa heart heels since they first came out and i still havent got a pair! argh!

  9. Flora - Thank you, that was one of my favourite articles!
    amanda - Haha I always forget that they go to alphabetically ordered! :P
    macyaverage - Aw thank you sweets!
    thegoodgirlgoneblog - No plans really, I'm kind of waiting until my 21st to have a huuuuge celebration! Maybe just dinner with friends :)
    chicknamedhermia - Haha, well it is just a WISH list :P
    Jasmin - Thank you dearest!
    Luna - Argh me too! I saw on the website a new shipment went out on the 10th, but they've probably eluded me once again D:
    Death Wears Diamond Jewellery - Thank you so much! Hopefully we will both get a pair!


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